Debian Reunion Hamburg 2023 from May 23 to 30

As in the last years there will be a Debian Reunion Hamburg 2023 event taking place at the same location as previous years, from May 23rd until the 30th (with the 29th being a public holiday in Germany and elsewhere).

This is just a short announcement to get the word out, that this event will happen, so you can ponder and prepare attending. The wiki page has more information and some fine folks have even already registered! Announcements on the appropriate mailinglists will follow soon.

And once again, a few things still need to be sorted out, eg a call for papers and a call for sponsors. Also this year I'd like to distribute the work on more shoulders, especially dealing with accomodation (there are 34 beds available on-site), accomodation payments and finances in general.

If you want to help with any of that or have questions about the event, please reach out via #debconf-hamburg on or via the debconf-hamburg mailinglist.

I'm very much looking forward to meet some of you once again and getting to know some others for the first time! Yay.