Reproducible Builds Summit 3 next week in Berlin

Next week from Tuesday, the 31st of October until Thursday, November 2nd, we'll have the 3rd Reproducible Builds summit in Berlin, to improve collaboration both between and inside projects, expand the scope and reach of reproducible builds to more projects and to brainstorm designs on tools enabling users to get the most benefits from reproducible builds.

We're again expecting contributors from around twenty projects and we're still having some free seats available. If you want to join this meeting, please register by sending us a short mail briefly describing why (eg. by stating you involvement in some project). We also have some funding available to further rextend the diversity of our community, so please also contact us if you think you cannot make it for financial reasons!

Personally I'm much looking forward to this event. The reproducible builds crowd is really a lovely bunch of people and thus I expect us to have some great discussions, some cool ideas and also some concrete actionable plans as a result of it. Totally worth it!

Talk about Reproducible Builds at OSSE in Prague tomorrow

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 25th I'll be giving a talk at OSSE in Prague about the current status of Reproducible Builds and why we are not 'there' yet. I'd be glad to have a chat with you if you are there!