setting up a coreboot build environment, including an Ada compiler

So without much explaination, this is how lynxis told me how to setup a coreboot build environment, which contains an Ada compiler which is needed to build the free graphics initialisation for Intel cards (=so no binary VGA bios blob is needed).

The Ada compiler is build automatically by default if it's build depends are installed:

sudo apt install build-essential bison flex zlib1g-dev ncurses-dev gnat
git clone --recursive
cd coreboot/
git submodule update --init --checkout 3rdparty/blobs   # for the x230 this only contains microcode updates
make iasl CPUS=$(nproc)
make gnumake CPUS=$(nproc)
make crossgcc-i386 CPUS=$(nproc)

coreboot is then build as usual:

make menuconfig

That's it.

(I've just left out the steps to choose the coreboot revision and validating it, as well as choosing a configurationwith make menuconfig as this is better documented elsewhere.)