So I have done my (hopefully) last uploads for Stretch (r0) today and want to share how pleased I've been with this release cycle. It was the smoothest freeze I've witnessed so far, I really liked the clear and documented rules from the Release Team, their regular release infos on d-d-a and publically logged IRC meetings plus the easy-to-remember URL (nicely redirecting to https), where one can easily find those relevant dates, emails and rules. Plus, useful bug views via There is more, but to me the last (and probably most important) factor to all this has been that most of this actually hasn't been new in this release cycle, but rather that by now a significant number of developers are aware of this and mostly have acted accordingly and communicated this further.

Kudos and many thanks to the Release team, you have been amazing! Many thanks also to everyone who has contributed nicely to those 24838 source packages! You rock as well.

And then I'll also like the upcoming quieter two weeks, also to prepare the Debian Edu Stretch announcement… :)

And then, finally, I really really look forward to the next development cycle and being able to meaningful start working on reproducible Buster!