So last weekend I attended in Brno and together with Dennis Gilmore gave a talk about Reproducible Builds and Fedora (Slides) which was fun and - I think - pretty well received.

Then on the following Tuesday, so three days ago, after using Debian as the primary OS on my primary computer for more than two decades, I finally made the long anticipated switch and I must say, so far I'm really happy with my new environment, even though I'm not yet again using a tiled window manager (but instead Xfce), cannot yet do all the things I could do before and even have to reconfigure a VM twice and restart another to get back wireless network after suspend and resumeā€¦

So what have I done? Nothing too dramatic: I've switched to Qubes OS and now I'm running Debian jessie and stretch and Fedora and Whonix on my primary computer, just not as my primary OS :-)

IOW: hardware is basically software and while I want the red pill, who knows what's really inside the box?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this intro about Qubes OS might be helpful. Or you dive directly into this six year old post, where Joanna Rutkowska described how she partitioned her digital life using Qubes.

I'm not sure where this journey will lead me to, but I'm confident this is the right direction. And in case you wondered, I'll keep working on Debian, as far as I know now ;-)