What we did at the Debian Edu / Skolelinux gathering in November 2016 in Oslo

From November 25 to 27 some people met in the hackerspace bitraf in downtown Oslo. On Saturday and Sunday we met in the morning and hacked and translated all day until we went for dinners in the evening. Despite the short time I think we managed to get a lot done and had good fun, so I'm hoping we'll have another gathering in 2017!

Debian Edu / Skolelinux is currently in better shape regarding the upcoming Debian release than we ever have been, which is pretty awesome. Today, on December 21st, all our changes are in Stretch, except for debian-edu-artwork.git, which awaits a desktop-base upload to unstable… the only thing missing is being able to install Debian Edu using our profiles from official media… releasing Debian Edu Stretch on the same day as Debian Stretch would be a huge success though!

These are the notes taken in a pad (thanks riseup!) during the meeting:

Phil Hands worked on

  • improving automated tests of d-i and Debian Edu installations using jenkins.debian.net:
  • Managed to get the Main Server install to the point where it should be runnable regularly on jenkins
  • Worked around the current breakage in plymouth. Confirmed that the Standalone install is currently
  • sabotaged by KDE, despite it supposedly being MATE (this took quite a while).
  • Meanwhile, made some small steps towards making the Cucumber setup more flexible when adding new scenarios.

Knut Yrvin worked on

  • testing Debian Edu Stretch installations

Ingrid Yrvin worked on

  • reviewing translations to Norwegian

Ole-Erik Yrvin worked on

  • translating the Debian Edu manual to Norwegian
  • translating the Debian Edu Administrators Handbook (ITIL) to Norwegian

Wolfgang Schweer worked on

  • fixing PXE installations from installed Debian Edu servers
  • fixing desktop entries for our Mate desktop (Xfce benefits as well)
  • updating https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Status/Stretch
  • testing sitesummary server/client with patch provided by Petter
  • testing if MATE functionalities (caja, atril, some mimetypes) are improved compared to jessie (they are)
  • filed bug #845997 about wrong mate-session priority.
  • discussed pros and cons of various DEs and the choice of DE to install
  • tested menu integration/translation for Xfce, LXQt, Plasma and MATE
  • gave assistance to install the Debian Edu combi server (workaround plymouth the issue in d-i environment)

Petter Reinholdtsen worked on

  • #832342 sitesummary: SiteSummary.pm fails to extract information w/ recent stretch linux-images
  • Assisted norwegian translators.

Dominik George worked on

  • xrdp
    • xrdp upload to unstable: new upstream version with some fixes, closing four bugs.
    • thus prepare xrdp for the 0.9.1 release that upstream will do, in cooperation with Debian, before the freeze.
    • preparing uploads of guacamole-(client|server) to unstable
  • guacamole
    • Ported guacamole-server code to OpenSSL 1.1.
    • Did a guacamole-server license/copyright review.
    • Java help needed: https://lists.debian.org/debian-java/2016/11/msg00061.html
  • shared some nice/horrible experiences from school IT realities in Germany
  • gave a talk/initiated a discussion about Skolelinux Cloud / Skolelinux as a Service / evilly fighting Google Apps for Education ;)
  • fixed #834065 (gosa-plugin-sudo: sudoHost does not allow '.' in GOsa, host.domain is not possible to be entered)
  • had an online meeting with the Teckids kids who need to teach Debian to their fellows tomorrow because I am in Oslo ;)
  • set up some things for the pkg-remote team, which is the new umbrella for greate Debian remote desktop experience, needed by Debian Edu among others

Holger Levsen worked on

  • this report
  • getting icinga2 back into stretch
  • filed #845765 RM: nagios3 -- ROM; unfixed security uploads, no maintainer upload since 2 years
  • mentoring people
  • discussed some unexplained changes in src:debian-edu and made sure we get a useful debian/changelog entry
  • filed #845760 and #845762 against src:blends-dev
  • update wiki status pages
  • create sitesummary.git pkg testing job
  • uploaded sitesummary 0.1.26
  • uploaded debian-edu 1.915
  • filed #846002 "blends-tasks must be priority:standard and not make a mess out of tasksel menu"
  • filed #846003 "debian-cd: please provide different flavor/spins of netinst images"
  • filed #846005 "debian-cd: please provide flavor/spin netinst image with blends-tasks installed"
  • filed #846006 "debian-cd: please provide flavor/spin netinst image for Debian Edu"
  • retitled and updated #474745: "debian-edu-config: please dont enable non-free by default"
  • retitled #588510 rename thin-client-server profile to ltsp-server-profile (=found the name…!)
  • finally, uploaded debian-edu-doc 1.912~20161129

Mike Gabriel was sick and couldnt come to Oslo and worked at home instead:

  • smarty3 3.1.30-1 -> unstable
  • smarty-gettext 1.5.0-1 -> unstable, split up the plugin from tsmarty2c script. This avoids php-cli being pulled in when the plugin is needed only
  • smarty-lexer 3.1.30+dfsg1-1 -> unstable
  • argonaut 0.9.8-1 -> unstable (not so much Edu related)
  • fusiondirectory 1.0.17-1 -> unstable (not so much Edu related)
  • atril 1.16.1-1 -> unstable
  • mate-themes 3.22.4-1 -> unstable

Thanks to the Debian sprints programm and our sponsors for supporting the travel of Wolfgang, Dominik, Phil and myself! Mike opted out from reimbursement as he couldn't travel due to sickness.