Yesterday evening CarlFK prodded me to package Voctomix, which is a live video mixer written by the Chaos Communication Congress' Video Operation Crew. It's written in Python using GStreamer and was started when they realised dvswitch was not suitable anymore for them. The DebConf16 video team plans to test it in Cape Town (for covering the BoF room), so I figured I'd help now with packaging the software.

Less than 24h after I started, voctomix made it through NEW and is now available in sid and hopefully will be available in stretch soon too! And by DebConf16 it should also finally be available in jessie-backports. Wheeehooo!

Thanks to Stefano Rivera who helped me with some dh_python3 detail and the Debian ftpmasters for letting it though NEW so quickly (and btw, for their general awesome work on NEW processing in the last years too!) - may the winkekatze be with you! ;-)