Some impressions from the TorDevMeeting and the Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) in Valencia

Overheard at the Tor Dev meeting in Valencia, from people speaking about online identities: "You were on top of the list of the people I thought were you."

It was really good to be there as my plan to meet people and work on torbrowser-launcher issues worked out nicely: in total seven bugs got fixed upstream and resulted in an torbrowser-launcher upload to sid after the meeting. So now only three bugs are open in sid and it's clear how to fix #811499 in stable so that torbrowser-launcher doesn't stop working on May 3rd 2016. So yay.

At the IFF we also had a small reproducible builds Debian meeting, where I took these raw notes: (please ask for clarifications, how to help or correct me if you think other things are blockers right now as well!)

  • dpkg: we need to provide a debian/.buildinfo manpage
  • dpkg: get '--clamp-mtime' option for tar upstreamed - or implement it in dpkg-deb
  • do blogpost: the deadline to miss reproducible stretch is probably in less than six months
  • note from IRC: '< guillem> so the deps would be: finish .buildinfo spec/implementation, and merge that; get dak to keep them; switch dpkg to use the timestamp for ar members, from my PoV'

Too bad IFF was not really well known in advance amongst some local free software advocates, I hope this improves next year!