more than 50000 binary packages in sid main amd64

So in the last weeks every morning I looked at this graph and yesterday for the first time I finally saw it exceed 50k binary packages:

The graph shows the piuparts results for the unstable/sid suite since 2009.

In not really related news, in our reproducible builds test setup 87% of the source packages in testing/stretch build on amd64 were reproducible today, which is the highest percentage we've seen so far. Because of some more build failures and due to some more variations added, testing/stretch on armhf is a bit behind and "only" reached a very good 83.6% so far.

One of the next statistic quesions is, whether we'll reach 24k source packages in unstable first, or 23k source packages in testing :) And hopefully we'll reach 20k reproducible packages (in our current test framework) on testing/amd64 before that :) (We already reachred 20k reproducible packages on unstable/amd64.)

And this is all because of you awesome people! I'm very thankful we enable each other to grow like we do and I look forward to go further!