Reproducible builds ecosystem at FOSDEM

Last years FOSDEM featured one talk about Reproducible Builds, while this year there will be four at least:

On Saturday, there will Reproducible and Customizable Deployments with GNU Guix by Ludovic Court├Ęs which which I definitly will be attending!

And on Sunday there will three talks and I plan to attend them all: a rather general one about the Reproducible ecosystem by myself, followed by ElectroBSD - Getting a reproducible BSD out of the door by Fabian Keil and finally Reproducible builds in FreeBSD packages by Baptiste Daroussin.

The FOSDEM organizers also reached out to me for an interview with me about all this reproducible stuff. I hope you'll like my answers as I enjoyed the questions ;-)

But there are many more interesting talks (hundreds they say) and so I'd appreciate if you could share your pointers and explainations, whether here on planet, or on IRC or IRL!