Please support the public transportation map of Manugua

Some of you might remember DebConf12 in Managua, Nicaragua and the very friendly and helpful locals, who recently contacted me to tell me about their new project, so that I share this on planet Debian: A local community of openstreet map enthusiasts, of which some were involved in DebConf12, has collected for the first time detailed information about Managua's bus network!

To bring their efforts further, they will now print these maps on paper, so that even more people can use them in their daily lives.

If you haven't been to Managua, you might not be able to immediatly appreciate the usefulness of this. Up until now, there has been no map nor timetable for the bus system, which as you can see now easily and from far away, is actually quite big and is used by 80% of the population in a city, where the streets still have no names.

If this made you curious (or just brought back happy memories from 2012) please go to and donate some money - their campaign is running for 3 more weeks and currently they have already raised 3300 USD, enough to print some maps, but 4200 USD short of their goal. Every further donation will help to print some more maps, even something as little as 20 USD or EUR will help people in their real lives to better understand the beast of Managua's bus route network.