My LTS May

With regrets I have had to realize that I'm currently to overloaded to work on Debian LTS, so we planned that I'll do 7h in May and then I would take a three months break from doing LTS work. And then I didn't even manage that, I've only managed to finally fix #783800 ("security-tracker: squeeze-lts/non-free not handled correctly") and file #788362 and that was that. I do hope to come back to do sensible and serious LTS work in autumn, but for now it's better to move this off my plate.

I'm really sorry for not being able to support Debian LTS at the moment. I still think it's very much needed, worth of and in need of support - just not by me at this point. Of course I'll also continue to use it myself - because it's great to be able to choose when to upgrade ones systems! :-)