Video from the reproducible builds talk at FOSDEM 2015 and testing experimental

The video from Lunar's and my talk Stretching out for trustworthy reproducible builds (follow this link if you're interested in the slides) given at the recent FOSDEM is finally available for download at both the FOSDEM video archive as well as the Debian video archive. (Update: the Debian video archive has a hires version now, I suspect the FOSDEM archive will follow soon.)

To encourage maintainers uploading fixes to experimental and thanks to lots of work from Mattia Rizzolo we are now also testing packages in experimental for reproducibility! And even better: behind the scenes the site is prepared for stretch!

Should you have wondered about the decrease in sid since we've been given the talk in early February: this is because we've added some more variations to the second build. Most notably building with a timezone difference of 25h lead to the decrease in the graphs showing the current prospects of reproducible builds...

More work and joy to come!