My LTS September

In the beginning of September I spent quite some time fixing bugs in the Debian Security Tracker, which now, thanks to the awesome CSS from Ulrike looks really good and professional! There are still some bugs to fix and features I'd like to add, eg. the ability to in- and exclude (old)oldstable/lts/backports/nodsa/EOL everywhere. It was fun to squash #742382 #642987 #742855 #762214 #479727 #610220 #611163 and #755800!

And then I also discovered dgit, as in "I've used it for the first time". It was so great, I immediatly did a backport of it and uploaded it to wheezy-backports.

So during the last month these uploads I made to squeeze-lts:

  • DLA 56-1 for wordpress, fixing CVE-2014-2053 CVE-2014-5204 CVE-2014-5205 CVE-2014-5240 CVE-2014-5265 CVE-2014-5266
  • DLA 57-1 for libstruts1.2-java, fixing CVE-2014-0114
  • DLA 60-1 for icinga, fixing CVE-2013-7108 and CVE-2014-1878
  • DLA 61-1 for libplack-perl, fixing CVE-2014-5269
  • DLA 62-1 for nss, fixing CVE-2014-1568
  • DLA 66-1 for apache2, fixing CVE-2013-6438 CVE-2014-0118 CVE-2014-0226 CVE-2014-0231

Plus I filed #762715, asking the devscripts maintainers to 'add an --lts option to dch' and #763339 against lintian: please 'recognize "squeeze-lts" as suite'.

Here's three things you could do to contribute to Debian LTS:

Thanks to everybody supporting LTS already! :-)