Holger Levsen

5-9 June 2019
Fux / Dock Europe / Cantina

Welcome to Hamburg!

I'm not gonna say much about the city...

except: the old elbtunnel is awesome!

Ask me anything!

welcome to fux!

welcome to dock europe!

welcome to cantina!

Welcome to Fux!

eG - eingetragene Genossenschaft


artists, freelancers, a sauna group, the CCCHH, Freifunk, a foodcoop, a free shop, a hairdresser and many many others

Frappant was the first project in this building since 2010

still in development :)

Theft/vandalism :(

Fux / Frappant / Viktoria-Kaserne

Welcome to Dock Europe!

rooms for workshops (this room)

small hacklab on this corridor behind kitchen

34 beds

Welcome to Cantina!

lovely food

yet another project inside Fux

started two years ago

Coffee/Tea/etc: all day

Lunch: 1230-1430, Dinner: 18-2300

Tip the cantina!

Lunch on Sunday needs volunteers!

I need one person to order pizzas *now*

Dinner on Sunday at "Blaue Blume", Harkortsstra├če 54, corner Gerichtstr.

Welcome to SLOT!

not-for-profit bar in the cellar below Cantina

different events on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

open until very late


Photo and video policies

Photo policy at Fux is the same as at DebConf:

be respectful, ask people in the picture!

video coverage of the audience

Be respectful (a la Debian)

Assume good faith

Be collaborative

Try to be concise

Be open

In case of problems



Some more things about MiniDebConf Hamburg

Group picture today at 1645

Photographer needed for this

there is wireless in the courtyard as well
ESSID hamburg.freifunk.net

who will guide an adventure venue tour at 2100 after dinner tonight?

Lightning talks

on Sunday at 1500, after lunch

5 minute lightning talks, 10-Minute Live Demos

Signup at the flipchart in the main hacklab from now

Send your slides to cfp@minidebconfhamburg.debian.net or make sure it works with projector

more instructions also on wiki

Videoteam needs your help

Please consider helping the videoteam

either as camera operator, audio mixer or director

Signup at https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/de/2019/MiniDebConfHamburg/Video


*applause* and many thanks to the videoteam


Thanks to our sponsor:

Thanks to our sponsor:

Thanks to our sponsor:

Thanks to our sponsor:

Thanks to our sponsor:

Thanks to everyone who donated to Debian!

Last and definitly not least: Many thanks to the four corporate registrations

Thanks to the people making this happen

dock europe / cantina and the whole Fux

Valessio Brito, for the logo

Chris and Sam, our former and current DPL for assuring financial support from the begining

video team: those folks are just awesome

azeem, petn-randall, #debconf-hamburg

Thank you

for being here and making it awesome!

Have fun!

Fix RC bugs!

or upload to experimental :-)