Mini DebConf Germany 2020:
after the game is before the game.

Holger Levsen

5-9 June 2019
Fux / Dock Europe / Cantina

Mini-DebConf Germany 2020 ?

at Fux ???

Mini-DebConf Germany 2020

I'd say YES!

But not me, not again here.

Other people should have fun too.

New people do new things. That's good.

Also sometimes I'd like to be an attendee too.
Hack hack hack.

So, Mini-DebConf Germany 2020 ?

So, Mini-DebConf Germany 2020 !

Mini DebConf Germany 2020 - the bids






Mini DebConf Germany 2020 - the bids

I wish.

Ok, seriously, Mini-DebConf Germany 2020 !

I dunno. Not me.


You will not be alone.

You will have fun.

You will make new friends and learn new things.

"Be bold, be brave, Debian has got your back." (Jonathan Carter)

Seriously, Mini-DebConf Germany 2020

Just do it.

and what about Fux?

really nice venue!

So, Fux, maaaaaybe, in 2021

or 2023..

not a Mini DebConf...

and only if there is a MiniDebConf somewhere else in Germany (at some other time)

but maybe a "Debian retreat" or some such...

maybe with some days of pure hacking and some other days with some talks...

we'll see.

And 2020?


we'll see.


maybe I should keep quiet

Mini DebConf Senegal 2020!

in cooperation with Linux Senegal?!

in cooperation with Debian?!

in cooperation with Reproducible Builds?!

ʾIn shāʾ Allāh
إن شاء الله

You can make (Mini) DebConf happen!

Tschüß & auf Wiedersehen!