Tschüß & auf Wiedersehen 2023!

Holger Levsen

22-30 June 2022
Fux / Dock Europe / Cantina

Good-bye from Hamburg!

I'm not gonna say much about the weather...

except: day trips can be rainy!

What a week

Today is day 7 out of 8

awesome week of hacking and socializing.

on Friday we had cheese and wine :-D

talks yesterday and today

day trip!?!

cleanup / teardown

please leave feedback, in the wiki, with me, content team

I'm very happy, thank you all!

Fux / Frappant / Viktoria-Kaserne

Say good-bye to Dock Europe!

we leave for the day trip at 1500 in the courtyard

we need to cleanup the seminar rooms before that

Food and hacking today

lunch: @ cantina 1300 until 1400

dinner: @ SLOT at 2000, entrance through the courtyard!

new hacklab: dock europe kitchen, 1st floor

Day trip starts at 1500 in the courtyard.

Day trip details are in the wiki /DayTrip

St. Johannis Altona Kirche

possibly via Wohlers Park, Walter Möller Park, Fischmarkt


Ferry to Landungsbrücken

meetup @1700 Landungsbrücken Brücke 10

walk through Alter Elbtunnel

back at FUX at 1930

pizza in SLOT cellar at 2000, entrance though the courtyard


breakfast and checkout until 1100

stand-up meeting at 1200 in courtyard

cantina hacklab


Thanks to our partner:

Thanks to our partner:

Thanks to our sponsor:

Thanks to our sponsor:

Thanks to our sponsor:

...many thanks for five corporate registrations too!

Thanks to everyone who donated to Debian!

Thanks to the people making this happen:



cleanup the seminarrooms (and kitchen 2nd floor) until 1500

please dont remove ANYTHING without coordination with video folks

videoteam needs help

urbec needs help

h01ger needs help

new hacklab: dock europe kitchen, 1st floor and SLOT in the evening


23-30 May 2023

Thank you! <3

See you next year!?! 23-30 May 2023!

Safe travels! Kommt gut nach Hause und auch wieder her! :-) o/