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Softupdates - keeping systems uptodate with FAI

Since fai_2.8 (and before, with Henning Glawe's patches) it is possible to update running systems with FAI!

Be warned: plan your updates, and FAI will update your systems for you!

Start by installing fai on a machine which will act as a FAI server with "aptitude install fai debootstrap" (optinally also install nfs-server and dhcp3-server), then execute "fai setup -v". After that, copy the simple examples to $FAI_CONFIGDIR (defined in /etc/fai/fai.conf).

Now you install the client (either with FAI or with d-i), after that you run "aptitude install fai" on the client. Then copy /etc/fai/fai.conf from the server to the client (also to /etc/fai/). Now you can run "fai softupdate" on the client, which will first define variables as FAI does it on a normal install (the classes will only be newly defined if you run fai with "-N"), then install the packages as defined in package_config and finally will execute all the scripts. Hooks are also executed if defined.

That's it. Pretty simple.