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FAI on powerpc

FAI still doesn't work out-of-the-box on powerpc, but we're getting closer :-)

You need fai-2.8.4, currently available from unstable (was approved to go into sarge today!) and fai-kernels-1.9.1, which you need to build from source, or you could try my packages. Also you should start with two powerpc machines (one server, one client) and it will be easier for you if you made your first experiences with FAI on i386. It's absolutly possible to do it with one powerpc machine only, that's how I did it (at first), but it is more difficult.

After you did "apt-get install fai debootstrap nfs-kernel-server" (since fai_2.8 the latter two are not in fai's dependency anymore, so fai can be installed _everywhere_ - see softupdates with fai for an explaination) on the server you need to adapt /etc/fai/make-fai-nfsroot to powerpc. Only one small change is neccassary:


Now edit /etc/fai/fai.conf as usual (you have to change the value of installserver= to match your installserver) and run "fai-setup -v", which will also run "make-fai-nfsroot -v" for you.

Various way to boot the clients

Four different ways to choose from:

- boot from network, i.e. "boot /pci/ethernet@D" on a pegasos2 (to make this work you'll also have to provide some OF settings with "setenv client-ip a.b.c.d", "setenv server-ip e.f.g.h" and "setenv boot-file $path")

- install with d-i / woody and simply install a fai kernel on hd

- boot a fai kernel from cd (not oldworld, howto will follow)

- boot a fai kernel from floppy (oldworld only, other (sub)archs have better means)

FAI_CONFIGDIR: simple examples for powerpc

Copy /usr/share/doc/fai/examples/simple to your $FAI_CONFIGDIR (as defined in fai.conf), then drop these files into $FAI_CONFGDIR as well:

15-class-powerpc has to be dropped into FAI_CONFIGDIR/class and defines (sub)arch-specific classes for powerpc, POWERPC has to be dropped into .../package__config and defines packages for powerpc-classes and partition.POWERPC_ is a (disabled by the underscore...) example-hook, which workarounds the missing features of setup_harddiscs, which doesnt support other partiton types than MSDOS. Luckily the pegasos2 does support msdos partition types, so no problems here.