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FAI at debconf5

FAI will be used at debconf5 to maintain the computer infrastructure for this debian conference.

A patched version of FAI (based on 2.8.4 from sarge) will be used, the most important fix is the ability to access the fai configdir via subversion. You can download it from

After you installed the .deb you can simply invoke a softupdate (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK (OR USE DEDICATED TEST MACHINES!) THIS HAS NOT BEEN TESTED VERY WIDELY SO FAR) by running:

sudo fai -N softupdate

To store the configdir, a alioth project has been set up, see

To check it out anonymously in the the directory ./config issue the following command:

svn co svn:// ./config

Or, if you have an alioth account, use:

svn co svn+ssh://$ ./config

To make use of FAI at debconf5 we need to have a list of machines before the conference starts and the assigned use cases of each machines. (We need more than this... ;-) For example, we also need a "static" dhcp-setup so we have the machines mapped to "static" dns-names.

Based on that list, we can then assign some classes based on the hostnames in


Machine type / description Status Location Origin (Sponsor, whatever) dns entries FAI classes
video laptops with firewire (Toshiba Satellite - 4 units) should be ok moving Intel via Stockholm video-laptop1, video-laptop2, video-laptop3 DEBCONF5 DHCP LDAP LAPTOP VIDEOTEAM
video main server dual cpu   dorms ? video-server1 DEBCONF5 DHCP LDAP VIDEOTEAM
video 2nd server amd64, 2.8ghz confirmed, maybe needs harddisc   directly from toresbe    
video storage server ?????? (nothing heard from intel, this might fail)   Intel    
dhcp dns comas postgresql server, dual cpu, 2gig ram, 226gb hd confirmed currently, later at HUT, undecided excatly damicon via stockholm mainframe DEBCONF5 COMAS DHCPSERVER LDAPSERVER
undecided server, 4cpu xeon unconfirmed ? HP via Ateras    
undecided server, 4cpu amd64 unconfirmed ? HP via Ateras    
some pegasos2 machines     via svenl    
ppc64 smp ?   IBM via Ateras    
266Mhz ppc/250GB HD/gige embedded     directly from nchip    
laptops to hand-out (Toshiba Protégé - 20 units andToshiba Tectra -14 units) should be ok   Intel via stockholm