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10:20 Nic0Hello
10:21 Nic0I sometimes need to modify "romountopts" in the nfsroot fai script
10:22 MrfaiWhy?
10:22 Nic0Would it be possible in a future version to make this variable updatable  in fai.conf?
10:23 Nic0I need to add nfsvers=3 because my local mirror is in Etch, and clients in squeeze
10:24 Nic0And change rsize & wsize to install hosts which a behind a 10Mb/s link
10:24 Nic0/a/are/
10:27 MrfaiYou can try to set romountopts in /srv/fai/nfsroot/....../etc/fai/fai.conf. Or set it in /etc/fai/fai.conf and recreate the nfsroot. Maybe this will work, since all variables in fai.conf will be set
10:32 Nic0Ok, thx, I will try this this afternoon
10:33 Nic0Can't recreate the nfsroot now
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14:09 the-dudeMrfai: do you know anything about the limux project?
14:11 Nic0Mrfai: setting romountopt in fai.conf works fine
14:13 mgoetzethe-dude: yes, he knows some things about it
14:15 the-dudemgoetze: is the project still active?
14:15 the-dudeand they using fai :)
14:23 Mrfaithe-dude: yes
14:24 Mrfaithe-dude: sure, Limux is still alive. They have a both at Cebit this year.
14:35 Kingluihi, during a fai installation i got following message: starting setup-storage 1.1.4
14:35 KingluiUsing config file: /var/lib/fai/config/disk_config/CXOBASE
14:35 KingluiExecuting: parted -s /dev/sda unit TiB print
14:35 KingluiCommand parted -s /dev/sda unit TiB print had exit code 1
14:35 KingluiINTERNAL ERROR in setup-storage:
14:35 KingluiTable header not seen yet
14:35 KingluiAny Ideas?
14:36 mgoetzeKinglui: try running that command by hand and see if it has any output
14:37 the-dudeMrfai: do know how I can contact some of the technical persons?
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15:04 Mrfaithe-dude: IF it's FAI related, you can post it to the linux-fai mailing list. AFAIK they are reading the list.
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15:09 KingluiI'll try it tomorrow, i'll try the old disk_config, too.
15:09 the-dudeMrfai: its partly fai related but mostly OT
15:17 mib_ubmnw6hi
15:21 mib_ubmnw6I got BOOT FAILED! ...mount aufs on /root failed with opteion noatime,dirs=/cow=rw:/live/image/live/filesystem.dir=rr
15:30 mib_ubmnw6while doing pxeboot /srv/fai/nfsroot is mounted correctly on /live/image via NFS
15:32 mgoetzemib_ubmnw6: are you trying to tell us that you're having a problem with fai-cd?
15:36 mib_ubmnw6No, SIR! We just setup an amd64 lenny-FAI-Server, did make-fai-nfs-root without any errors and failed with installing our client.
15:39 mgoetzeok, what kernel are you using?
15:40 mib_ubmnw6Kernel: 2.6.26-2-amd64,  FAI:  3.3.4~beta1+experimental1 (btw. on 32bit-FAI-servers all went OK)
15:41 mgoetzeand you have aufs-modules-2.6-amd64 installed in the nfsroot?
15:46 mib_ubmnw6OK: /lib/modules/2.6.26-2-amd64/extra/aufs/aufs.ko is present, but initramfs doesn't show aufs in /proc/modules....
15:48 oz_probably you need aufs in ${nfsroot}/etc/modules
16:05 mib_ubmnw6OK, this did the trick:) Thank you for your patience, FAI is great work!
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17:12 JoelioHi all, can I create tmpfs from within setup-storage?
17:15 MrfaiJoelio: No. You do not need to create tmpfs on a local hard disk.
17:15 MrfaiIf you like to append some line to fstab, use ainsl(1)
17:16 mgoetzeand note that tmpfs for /var/run and /var/lock can be configured in /etc/default/rcS
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17:36 JoelioExcellent, I could just append to the fstab with a script then
17:36 JoelioI thought as much, but just wanted to see if setup-storage could handle it
17:37 Joeliobuilding some mail servers tomorrow that need tmpfs
17:37 mgoetzeJoelio: setup-storage doesn't ever get run again after the point where normal scripts are executed
17:37 Joeliosure
17:38 Joelioainsl looks interesting, never noticed it before
17:58 mgoetzeaway feierabend
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