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10:36 fai-guymorgen
10:45 fai-guyhabe eine frage zum erweitern von install_packages
10:45 fai-guyreicht es hier den hash %commands zu erweitern?
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11:04 Mrfaijein
11:05 Mrfaies gehoert auch @commands dazu, das bestimmt die reihenfolge in der die kommandos abgearbeitet werden. WEnn es dann noch eine sonderbehandlung erfordert ist noch etwas mehr zu tun
11:05 Mrfaifai-guy: was felht denn da?
11:28 fai-guyMrfai: oss hat ab version 11 keine yum unterstützung mehr drin
11:28 fai-guyich wollte nun zypper nutzen, das yast nicht so schön ist
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12:02 Mrfaiok, bin gespannt auf deinen patch ;-)
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Action: h01ger installs fai-client on his new laptop (a month old and in use) and runs softupdate for the first time... :)
14:23 h01gertook so long because i also switched it to lenny..
14:25 stockholm is there a howto-upgrade-your-etch-setup-to-lenny somewhere?
14:28 h01gerfind /etc -name "*pre_fcopy*" is a good start
14:28 h01gerbut no
14:29 h01ger"find $faiconfigdir -name $HOSTNAME" another
14:29 h01ger"find $faiconfigdir -name ETCH" also
14:29 h01geryou also will want to check $faiconfigdir/scripts
14:30 h01gerstockholm, there must be some things without howtos for the poor consultants being able to make some money to feed their dogs ;)
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15:45 stockholmh01ger: actually i dont have the real etch fai but a later better version with debian live
Action: h01ger thought you were talking about configspaces. i hope knowone uses the etch version of fai ;-)
15:47 stockholmyes, i was thinking of config spaces initially
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16:17 mettleri have a ftp://repository for ubuntu using passwords, do u know a way how to proxy it via apt-proxy ?
16:18 mettlergetting errors after adding the repo "deb ftp://foo:bar@myhost/fai/ /" to the backends
16:19 lazyb0ymettler: just enabling anonymous access?
16:21 lazyb0yit's anyway not very secure, because the nfsroot has knowledge to access it, (or the apt-proxy, which again is non-authenticated)...
16:21 mettlerhm, its connected to the rest of the world ^^
16:21 lazyb0yI don't understand that sentence - even less if it is pro or con my proposal ;)
16:22 mettlerhave to build a faiserver for a offline network and wanted to put the passwd-saved packages in the apt-proxy cache
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16:31 mettlerthe fai-mirror tools seems to have some problems with ubuntu+non-free repos?!
16:39 Mrfaiwhich problems? Do you have an error message?
16:43 mettleryes, give me one more second ;)
16:44 mettlerim using fai 3.2.8
16:49 mettlermaybe they occured because i moved the nfsroot/var/* files away, ...i got "ambigous redirect $pfile"  
16:50 mettlerjust recreated the /var/ files again and it works ;)
16:50 mettlerit did not add the packages correctly to packages.gz withou
16:50 mettlert
16:51 mettlerwell looks good this time ;)
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17:37 mettlergn8
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17:39 mikapis there a list of important/worth mentioning changes from FAI of etch to FAI of lenny?
17:45 lazyb0ymikap: the changelog should have these
17:46 lazyb0y(and I didn't read it yet)
17:46 lazyb0y;)
17:47 mikaplazyb0y: hm nope, I mean like: what traps, important changes, new features,... do we have - that's not what /usr/share/doc/fai-$FOO/changelog.gz provides
17:48 mikaplike a rough, short roadmap
17:49 lazyb0yoh, I thought that's what Thomas is usually putting in there...
17:50 lazyb0yI should admit now, that I didn't only miss reading the current one...
17:51 mikaphttp://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/f/fai/fai_3.2.16/changelog -> check out the changes from 3.1.8, that's not really what I'm talking about ;)
17:52 mikapfor example: the new setup-storage, a new user usually isn't interested in the changelogs fixing any bugs in setup-storage behind version 3.2.8 until 3.2.16
17:53 mikapI'm not a typical user of fai so I sadly can't contribute this document
17:54 mikapbut I guess it might be very useful for existing as well as for new users of fai
17:54 lazyb0yI admit, I didn't really test the lenny versions much since the last dev workshop...
17:54 lazyb0yI'm doing it today because tomorrow I have to give a talk :)
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18:09 MrfaiThere's the NEWS.Debian.gz file, which is for the user changes
18:09 Mrfaihttp://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/NEWS
18:12 lazyb0yah, I guessed I confused these....
18:21 lazyb0ybut it has no entries since 3.2.8 ;)
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18:32 Mrfaiso, no major important changes for the users point of view.
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18:38 lazyb0yis the usage of setup-storage explained in the fai guide?
18:39 lazyb0ymaybe the news file should point the reader there. it's not clear from the news file that the new tool is not compatible, and the user needs a different style of disk config now
19:11 mikapMrfai: ah :)
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19:27 teratomamy machine netboots off of one nic, but early in the fai'ing process, FAI tries to get a dhcp address off of the other nic, and fails.  what should i do ?
19:33 Mrfaiteratoma: can be a bigger problem to solve. Can you remove or disable one card or boot from the other nic?
19:39 Mrfaithis is a description why things are not so easy
19:39 teratomaMrfai: ive tried to disable a nic in bios, i cant.
19:39 Mrfaihttp://linux.dell.com/files/whitepapers/nic-enum-whitepaper.pdf
19:39 oz_teratoma: did you try eth0=<modulename_of_good_NIC>?
19:39 teratomaoz_: where would i do that ?
19:39 oz_teratoma: how do you boot?
19:40 oz_you need to pass this as boot arg to the kernel
19:40 teratomaoz_: im trying to install the machine with FAI.  pretend there is no OS on there at all.
19:40 oz_but to be honest...I never saw it working :]
19:40 oz_teratoma: are you using a fai-CD?
19:41 teratomaoz_: no, im booting over network
19:44 oz_teratoma: but believe me, it's much easier to disable the nic.
Action: oz_ remembers this as one of the bigger PITAs.
19:49 Mrfaibisabling the nic in the bios may work or not. The kernel may detect it even it's disabled in the BIOS. But you should try.
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