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12:11 FBIfai: 3 lange committed revision 5221 to 7 fai:  fixed spelling mistakes in fai-do-scripts.1, fai-mirror.1
12:15 FBIfai: 3 lange committed revision 5222 to 7 fai:  fix typos in mkdebmirror, NEWS, classes_description.txt, fai-mirror,
12:15 FBIfai: fai-cd.8
12:17 lazyb0ywow, FBI... nice
12:17 lazyb0yand now, add a link to the exact diff and you're perfect ;)
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12:51 FBIfai: 3 lange committed revision 5223 to 7 fai:    fai-cd.8, fai-guide.sgml
12:57 schuriglazyb0y: almost perfect. Use git, and you're perfect :-)
13:01 lazyb0yI'm not into git myself enough to start persuading Mrfai to use it, but yes, it seems to be a good choice in the meantime
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13:08 tokkeeOpenSource development is decentralized => a centralized VCS won't work. q.e.d. ;-)
Action: oz_ also used git and finds it very usable
Action: tokkee already uses Git for FAI stuff ;-)
13:26 schurigtokkee: even for closed source (like what I do in-company) it's very useful, e.g. when I do things on my desktop, at the customer on the laptop and occassionally at home
13:26 tokkeeschurig: Ack.
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14:09 rgsteele||workHey Mrfai - did you know that FAI will fail to install if there were existing LVM groups?
14:10 rgsteele||workI am about to write a patch to delete them in the setup-storage
14:12 rgsteele||workHappens during get_current_lvm (fatal error)
14:13 rgsteele||workI can fix it by blowing away the MBR and relabeling the partition
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14:23 tokkeergsteele||work: Frankly, that sounds like a bad hack rather than a fix ...
14:25 rgsteele||worktokkee: Maybe, but I honestly don't care about the existing lvm.  I have no reason to call get_current_lvm.
14:26 tokkeergsteele||work: I'm just saying that this "patch" should not make it into FAI ;-)
14:27 rgsteele||worktokkee: Noted, I won't submit it.  I can submit a bug report though to fix it.
14:28 tokkeergsteele||work: Yeah, a bug report would be a good thing.
14:28 tokkeergsteele||work: Also, this is just mho ;-)
14:29 rgsteele||worktokkee: Duly noted ;)
14:36 rgsteele||workAlso, a variable declared in DEFAULT.var is not present in the environment in child processes
14:44 tokkeergsteele||work: Which variable? Did you grep the sources to check if it is unset somewhere?
14:45 rgsteele||workAny variable.  I set a variable FOO='bar' in there, and in my custom scripts, I try to grab the environment variable FOO, and it's empty.
14:46 Mrfairgsteele||work: I'm pretty sure that this works. Have a look at variables.log
14:46 Mrfairgsteele||work: or describe where excatly this variable is not available.
14:54 tokkeergsteele||work: How do you call that custom script?
14:57 rgsteele||workHang on, I'll pastie for clarity
15:01 rgsteele||workhttp://pastie.org/334896
15:02 rgsteele||workI thought I followed the docs properly, but I'm happy to be told otherwise.
15:03 Mrfaishow me your fai.log. Maybe default.var is not executed
15:04 rgsteele||workMrfai: "Executing DEFAULT.var"
15:04 rgsteele||workIt's being executed.
15:05 MrfaiDo you also see line lines starting with ++
15:09 rgsteele||workNot after "Executing DEFAULT.var", no
15:10 rgsteele||workAh,
15:10 rgsteele||workNot executable
15:10 rgsteele||workD'oh
15:10 rgsteele||workSorry for wasting your time...
15:13 Mrfaiso why did fai say executing DEFAULT.var but does notexecuted it ? Can you show me please this part of fai.log
15:14 rgsteele||workMrfai: http://pastie.org/334905
15:15 rgsteele||workMrfai: I just notice that the file was 640, owned by root:root.
15:16 rgsteele||workWhereas BASE.var was 644
15:16 rgsteele||workDon't think that should matter, though.
15:19 rgsteele||workMrfai: I changed the script to be executable, but no change.
15:23 rgsteele||workSeems that it needs to be world-readable.  That fixed the problem.
15:24 rgsteele||workMrfai: I'm not sure what user it tries to read those scripts as, but it's not root.
15:24 Mrfaithat depends on how you export your config space. have a look at no_root_squash option for NFS exports
15:27 Mrfairgsteele||work: Oh, I think fai should check for -r rather than -f when executiung/sourcing *.var files. I'll fix that
15:27 rgsteele||workMrfai: Groovy, thanks.
15:30 Mrfaishould I change all tests from -f to -r?
15:31 rgsteele||workMrfai: You can do both, if you want, just to make sure the file is regular in addition to readable.
15:40 FBIfai: 3 lange committed revision 5224 to 7 fai:  lib/subroutines: check *.var files if they are readable
15:41 tokkeeMrfai: Does FAI print a warning if it does not try to execute any such file?
15:43 Mrfaino. The user should always check fai.log.
15:44 MrfaiOtherwise fai should check and warn many many other stupid things a user can do.
15:44 Mrfaifai includes some checks, but not all
15:52 tokkeeOkay - well, it might make sense to add further checks when someone stumbles across something ...
15:52 tokkeewin 20
15:52 tokkee*ga*
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16:22 mikapbtw - does FAI work with puppet as well?
16:26 Mrfaicurrently no puttet support in FAI. But I guess that would cost 5 lines of shell code in fai-do-scripts
16:29 lazyb0ypuppet is just a program that runs on the installing or installed client
16:30 lazyb0yso I think it should simply be run in a script, for example of the class PUPPET
16:30 mikapwould be nice to be able to advertise with "builtin puppet support" :)
16:31 lazyb0ytrue, I#d write that script if I already had time to test puppet...
16:31 lazyb0ybut that would also make most parts of FAI, apart from base installation, superflouus :)
16:32 mikaphm, kind of, yeah ;) at least regarding for example softupdate ;)
16:32 Mrfaidoes anyone has puppet experiences? I don't know if we can force puppet scripts to act inside /target without being run in this chroot
16:33 Mrfainormally we call script from the nfsroot, but they change only things in /target
16:33 lazyb0yhmm, I guess, if you start using puppet, which is used for changing config files and installing software, you will and probably should not use fai fcopy and config editing and software installs at the same time
16:33 mikapwell, I'm just checking out puppet
16:33 lazyb0yMrfai: something like $ROOTCMD /usr/bin/puppet ...
16:34 lazyb0yo.k., that would assume that FAI get's the minimal stuff needed for a puppet "client" into place - the package, and maybe some mconfig file that points to the config server or something like that
16:34 Mrfailazyb0y: you can do this already (in a shell script). This is different from calling puppet scripts directly
16:35 lazyb0yMrfai: that's what I mean. I see no reason to tra calling them directly if it works that way.
16:35 Mrfaiok, then we have already puppet support :-)
16:35 lazyb0yexactly
16:36 lazyb0yjust, yeah, to advertise it, it would be cool to have such an example class that shows how this is done... with an instruction like
16:36 lazyb0y"only change the name of your puppet config server, and you're installing with base image with FAI, doing detials with puppet"
16:37 Mrfaino not use the word image :-)
16:38 Mrfailazyb0y: but this instruction is so easy to implement that IMO we do not need this example.
16:40 mikapMrfai: the world needs usage examples, seriously :) no matter how simple it's for *you* someone might think "oh, no builtin support for puppet, let's use $FOO instead", just my 2 cent :)
16:40 lazyb0yMrfai: yes, everything is so easy that we don't need any examples :)
Action: lazyb0y agrees with mikap
16:41 lazyb0yeven a 2 liner is nice to have as an example...
16:51 Mrfaiso let's collect those examples on faiwiki. Then we can see if wse include them into fai-doc later
16:54 Mrfaiwhat about a self-made advertising video about fai. Maybe just showing some changes in class/* and then booting the client
16:55 Mrfaithen put this on youtube ;-)
16:55 mikap[x] :)
16:56 lazyb0ythere once was the idea to put the classes in a git project...
16:56 lazyb0yit's on my todo list since ... I'd rather not tell
16:56 lazyb0ydidn't kugg already made a video?
16:57 lazyb0yapart from that, before going into videos, FAI should get a LOGO(!!!) and a seomwhat modern website
16:57 lazyb0ypeople tend to be attracted from nice looking graphics...
16:57 Mrfaisearching for knoppix on youtube gives 127 hits. Why not creating some FAI videos
16:58 lazyb0yi didn't say one shouldn't create any, but that a logo and nice looking site is more important
17:02 mikapwhat about my homepage redesign? :)
Action: Mrfai riding home with bike
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17:03 lazyb0ymikap: ???
17:07 mikaplazyb0y: http://grml.org/fai/
17:08 lazyb0yyeah - apart from the colors of the logo...
17:09 mikapyeah, h01ger mentioned that on the fai meeting in extremadura already ;)
17:09 mikapyou know, i'm a schluchtenscheisser ;)
17:10 lazyb0ytotally appreciated that you want to give a german project german colors...
17:10 lazyb0ybut I'm not that patriotic
17:13 mikapwell, was definitely not my proposition, was just a good color match inside inkscape ;)
17:13 mikapand just a suggestion so anything happens, because I'm not happy with the current situation as well
17:14 lazyb0yyeah...
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20:19 rgsteele||workIs there any way to dynamically generate a variable's value in the class/*.var file?
20:19 rgsteele||workSpecifically, information about the client.
20:20 rgsteele||workI'm thinking not, since those get sourced before the installation starts.
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