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Action: oz_ hopes that he will have a fai-cd installing ubuntu w\ a splash-screen
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12:22 MTh01ger, seid ihr noch in Extremadura?
12:22 MTist so ruhig hier heute ...
12:30 oz_schönes wetter...
12:31 oz_hier in süden von deutschland jedenfalls
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14:58 h01gerMT, ne, travel back
Action: h01ger is todmüde
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17:12 stockholmh01ger wo bist du? noch auf dem weg?
18:07 krunaldoYou guys speak so much german here :)
18:07 MTwell, yes, but we don't mind speaking English either ...
18:13 stockholmkrunaldo: somethimes i speak english too
18:13 stockholmor swedish
18:15 krunaldoMT: I'm not saying that, just saying that I jump past this channel and wonder what the hell is going on sometimes :)
18:31 stockholmMT: krunaldo is a college of mine :-)
18:51 oz_krunaldo: use online translation :)
18:51 oz_one can use that even with chinese
18:53 h01gerstockholm, still in spain..
18:54 stockholmh01ger: wow, how come?
18:54 h01gerkrunaldo, i usually prefer english here, so that more poeple can participate.. "but" the last 4 days we had a quite intense fai developer meeting in real life, where we were 4 german speaking fai developers, so we spoke german in RL and then on irc too
18:54 stockholmoz_: and that works well?
18:55 h01gerstockholm, planned :)
18:55 oz_stockholm: well, "well"...
18:55 stockholmso you stay with amaya a little?
18:55 oz_you know the meaning of "Can I please become a beer?" uttered by germans? ;)
18:56 stockholmargh
18:56 oz_but quite usable to fix appointments, e.g.
18:56 h01gerstockholm, yup :)
18:56 stockholmyes, i heard something similar
18:57 oz_stockholm: but from a linguistic perspective: i works impressively well... ;)
18:59 stockholmoz_: i had the displeasure of reading some diploma thesis written(?) by some chinese students. either they are idiots (which i doubt) or they used such translation software.
18:59 stockholmand the english it produced was plain horrid.
18:59 oz_I can imagine...
18:59 oz_but to be honest: there are also idiots among chinese...
19:00 stockholmi could not have imagined, really
19:00 oz_chinese education lacks crativity A BIT.
19:00 stockholmyes.
19:00 oz_s/crativity/creativity/
19:00 stockholmwell, they were creative in filling the pages
19:00 stockholmwith rather meaningless pics. :-)
19:02 oz_hehe
19:02 oz_old trick...if they do it too wild...just sack them. ;)
19:03 stockholmthey next will be sacked.
19:04 stockholmthe next onces performing this bad will be sacked
19:11 oz_stockholm: we once had a post-doc from north-corea at our lab...
19:11 oz_gee, the guy managed to blow up almost everything :)
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19:12 oz_neat, I got a fai-cd installing with splash-screen
19:13 oz_not that the splash thing would be of any use...
19:15 stockholmoz_: its hard to stand, isnt it?
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19:20 oz_the splash screen?
19:25 oz_I wonder that it was so easy to put in...
19:25 oz_I'll add a little patch to subroutines-linux to make it work in a sensible way
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