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01:27 nolochemicalgreeting :)
01:28 nolochemicalI was wondering if there is an fai package for windows users..?
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09:11 cbmuser_moin
09:11 cbmuser_okey, yesterdays package problem was related to my debmirror
09:11 cbmuser_but you still have that bug in scripts/init-bottom
10:40 tokkeeh01ger: Oh right - the ticket talks about MIE 03SEP ...
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12:07 cbmuser_I have one more minor problem now, during installation fai won't install /target/etc/kernel-img.conf from the config-space so the kernel-installation will abort unless I copy the file manually from /etc/kernel-img.conf to /target/etc/kernel-img.conf
12:07 cbmuser_any hints ?
12:08 h01gerfcopy /ect/kernel-img.conf
12:08 h01ger?
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12:24 cbmuser_yes, that seems to be missing
12:25 cbmuser_I have checked in a kernel-img.conf for class LENNY in my cvs
12:25 cbmuser_but its not copied into /target
12:25 cbmuser_at least not to the time its needed for the installation of the kernel-package
12:28 cbmuser_when does the fcopy take place during installation ?
12:31 cbmuser_hmm, etc/apt/sources.list is copied *before* by fcopy and its also in class LENNY
12:31 cbmuser_but why not kernel-img.conf *puzzle*
12:38 cbmuser_yes, that definetly breaks the installation
12:38 cbmuser_just checked again
12:39 cbmuser_cp /etc/kernel-img.conf /target/etc during install fixes it, but it should work on its own, of course
13:25 mikaptokkee: h01ger: "Abreise:13:55 - Frankfurt, Deutschland - Frankfurt International , Terminal 1" - anyone of you also flying with this airline? :)
13:27 tokkeemikap: Nope - I'm going Nuernberg -> Zuerich -> Madrid.
13:28 mikaptokkee: ah ok, maybe Mrfai is flying over frankfurt, nor?
13:30 tokkeemikap: Don't know ...
13:30 tokkeemikap: Some flight seem to be quite strange.
13:30 mikaptokkee: ok :)
Action: h01ger leaves maņana :)
13:33 mikapah :)
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