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10:56 tokkeeWhat does that mean? ;-)
11:01 h01geretoolittlecontexttounderstand. click here on this enlace to access .. of the ?airline?
11:01 h01geritinerario means itinerary, whatever that means ;)
11:01 h01gerENLACE is a link
11:02 h01ger linea aérea is an airline, but in this context...
11:02 h01gerso click here to access the timetable of the airline
11:03 h01gerIOW: forget it
11:03 h01ger;)
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11:10 tokkeeh01ger: Thanks - I just did not want to miss any reconfirmations ;-)
14:04 h01gertokkee, which day are you flying to mad? cause our wiki page speaks of the 2nd while the embedian speaks of the third. and from guessing from the mail subject a mail thomas send me, your flight will be on the third?
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16:24 paveqhi
16:25 paveqI know this is not right place to ask this question, but we have linux and windows desktops needing automatic installation
16:25 paveqlinux of course is nice to do with fai
16:25 paveqbut does anyone know if theres similar software for windows installation
16:25 paveqI have discovered this
16:25 paveqanyone tried?
16:29 h01gerno. but apt-cache show nsis
17:03 teratomapuppet is gradually getting more Windows support
19:25 cbmuser_hi
19:25 cbmuser_I have installation problems since the update to kernel 2.6.26-2
19:26 cbmuser_the init scripts always come up with "mount: You must specify filesystem type"
19:26 cbmuser_I cannot view more of the messages since the kernel panics after this
19:27 cbmuser_it happens at /scripts/init-bottom
19:37 cbmuser_I created a new nfsroot with make-fai-nfsroot, but the problem persists :(
19:41 cbmuser_uncompressing the initrd and looking at scripts/init-bottom I only find:
19:41 cbmuser_mount -n -o move /dev $rootmnt/dev
19:41 cbmuser_as the only mount-call
19:45 cbmuser_hmm, the mount-binary in the nfsroot seems broken
19:47 cbmuser_replacing it, doesn't fix that though
19:47 cbmuser_the problem just seems, that the init-bottom scripts calls a mount-command which doesn't understand the given options
19:51 cbmuser_yep, that fixed it
19:51 cbmuser_bug: initrd/init-bottom/udev:
19:52 cbmuser_replace: mount -n -o move /dev ${rootmnt}/dev
19:52 cbmuser_with: mount --move /dev ${rootmnt}/dev
19:58 cbmuser_ah, the line is mount -n -o move /dev $rootmnt/dev btw
19:58 cbmuser_but still it should be replaced with "--move"
20:06 cbmuser_anyone knows which sources.list is used when calling apt-get during FAI_INSTALL ?
20:06 cbmuser_obviously the one in /target/etc/apt
20:07 cbmuser_which doesn't work for me at the moment, because my deb-src is provided via nfs-mount and the nfs-mount is not available in /target
20:12 krunaldocan't you fix your /target/etc/apt?
20:14 cbmuser_how ?
20:14 cbmuser_isn't it created dynamically ?
20:14 cbmuser_let me see ...
20:15 cbmuser_no, I cannot fix it, because it is created at runtime
20:16 cbmuser_I think the problem is, that fai uses the sources.list from the config-space instead of the one in /etc/fai/apt on the fai-server
20:16 cbmuser_obviously fai doesn't support 2 different sources.list-files for installation and soft-update (anymore)
20:19 krunaldoBasic installation is done with the source.list from the server and then it uses the one in the target for an update which you should provide a correct apt.source
20:19 cbmuser_apt.source ?
20:20 cbmuser_it fails during the update, yes
20:20 cbmuser_but where to put the proper apt.source ?
20:24 cbmuser_ok, my problem is obviously, that I don't have my debmirror-nfsroot available in /target
20:27 cbmuser_hmm, both MNTPOINT and DEBMIRROR are defined in fai.conf
20:28 cbmuser_but fai does not create src and mounts it
20:29 cbmuser_... nor mounts
20:36 cbmuser_how can I set the debug-flag ?
20:39 cbmuser_ok, the problem is, that it task-mirror doesn't create the mountpoint nor mount it
20:56 cbmuser_anyone an idea ?
21:25 cbmuser_(how can I trigger fai-install manually after it has failed btw ?)
21:52 cbmuser_okok, roll back
21:52 cbmuser_/target/src/deb is create and mounted
21:52 cbmuser_but removed once installation has failed
22:00 cbmuser_but I still cannot install, apt-get fails with unmet dependencies, that puzzles me, worked before
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--- Sun Aug 31 2008

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