00:52 teratomatalkative bunch aren't you
00:57 istazyeah :)
00:57 istaz22:44 < teratoma> clients fail on 'mounting nfs server'
00:57 istazcheck your nfs log
01:02 teratomaistaz: i did.  so i downgraded to 3.2.8 .... it all works great now!
01:02 teratomaperhaps i will be brave one day and go back to 3.2.9
01:02 teratomabut not today
01:03 teratomathis guy has the exact same sympton
01:03 teratomahttps://lists.uni-koeln.de/pipermail/linux-fai/2008-August/006098.html
01:05 istazteratoma: yeah but what did it say? nfs should be independant from fai
01:06 teratomaistaz: nfs server said: syslog:Aug 26 17:25:34 pl-dev mountd[3302]: authenticated mount request from for /srv/fai/nfsroot (/srv/fai/nfsroot)
01:07 teratomathat's why its an odd bug
01:07 teratomanfs server said fine, here, mount it
01:07 istazyeah it's strange
01:07 teratomaweird that some guy on the mailing list has the same bug i get , amlost the same day
01:07 istazand if you mount it by hand in a console?
01:08 teratomaand problem goes away if i downgrade
01:08 teratomaso right now, i am mounting it away, on the client machine successfully
01:08 istazvery strange
01:09 istazand there is nothing on the client log either?
01:09 istazI think they are in /tmp/fai
01:09 teratomano, so at the end of the fai install, it tries to log into ssh fai-client
01:09 teratomanot the server
01:09 teratomai do not know why
01:10 istazteratoma: on my installation it doesn't even log to the server, I don't even know why it would
01:10 istazbut I don't think I'm using the last version
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08:36 tokkeeMrfai: Moins.
08:37 tokkeeMrfai: Hast du noch irgendwas bzgl. meiner Teilnahme in Extremadura erfahren?
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08:49 Mrfaine
08:49 Mrfaiich frag mal nach
08:59 tokkeeDanke! E-mail hab ich gesehen :-)
09:21 stockholmwie sieht die FAI_CONFIG_SRC=nfs://fai.spotify.net/$FAI_CONFIGDIR in fai.conf  aus für svn over https?
09:23 stockholmFAI_CONFIG_SRC=svn+https://fai.spotify.net/$FAI_CONFIGDIR
09:23 stockholm?
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09:58 Mrfaischau mal in lib/get-config-dir-svn rein
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12:30 tokkeestockholm: +       -quilt pop -a
12:31 tokkeestockholm: Why do you ignore errors of that operation?
12:32 stockholmtokkee: because it could be that there is nothing to pop
12:33 stockholmno pop no fun
Action: tokkee wonders if it wouldn't make more sense to switch to some DVCS instead ...
12:34 tokkeestockholm: Hrm... but there might be other sources of errors as well, right?
12:35 tokkeestockholm: Imho it would be better to check if there are any patches available and run pop in that case only.
12:35 stockholmtokkee: at that stage?
12:36 stockholmwhat errors do you think of?
12:36 stockholmwhere would those patches come from?
12:37 stockholmif someone started patching around she should take care to not cross path/files with quilt patches
12:37 tokkeeWell, I don't know what kind of errors might occur.
12:38 tokkeeI just don't like the idea that some errors _might_ be ignored without being noticed...
12:39 stockholmwell, this is useful when starting to build (where clean is run on an unpatched tree)
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12:40 catwellHi.
12:40 stockholma clean tree, even
12:40 catwellDoes anyone here setup sun Java using FAI ?
12:40 tokkeestockholm: Ah - IC. That makes sense, I guess ;-)
12:40 catwellor any non-free packages that asks to accept a licence
12:40 stockholmcatwell: you can preseed that
12:41 tokkee_Nobody_ uses non-free software - such people don't exist ;-D
12:41 catwellwhat do you mean by preseed
12:41 catwell?
12:41 catwellOh I just should RTFM :)
12:42 stockholmcatwell: sun-java5-jdk   shared/accepted-sun-dlj-v1-1    boolean true
12:43 catwellthanks
13:19 krunaldoCould anyone tell me why you are parsing URLs in all the transport methods instead of just adding another variable?
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13:57 Mrfaikrunaldo: IMO this is more comfortable for the user to have only one variable for the URL instead of many variables.
13:58 krunaldoMrfai: I'd disagree since it makes writing new methods much more complex
13:58 krunaldoFor example I'd like to add support for a password parameter and then I'd have to parse out a lot of data from a url
13:59 krunaldoMakes things unecessary complex
14:07 krunaldohttps://username:password@svn.foobar.net/
14:07 krunaldofor example
14:30 Mrfaiget-config-dir-svn has already code to parse a username password combination. Just have a look at it.
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14:42 protimorning
14:42 krunaldoMrfai: Oh? Must have a old version of the fai-client package then
14:43 krunaldoMrfai: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/fai/trunk/lib/get-config-dir-svn?op=file&rev=0&sc=0 <--- I see nothing about password here
14:47 krunaldoMrfai: Am I looking ath the wrong repo?
14:50 krunaldoMrfai: Anyway, I made a modifications to allow standard username:password url scheme
14:50 krunaldoMrfai: Where should I send it?
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17:07 Mrfaikrunaldo: you are right. It has only the user part, not the password.
17:08 Mrfaikrunaldo: The best is to file a wishlist bug in the Debian BTS and add your patch there
17:13 h01gerif it contains the passwd, fai.conf should be chmod 600
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20:41 teratomahi so in this screenshot: http://s4.tinypic.com/108bqd4.jpg
20:41 teratomai am almost done with the install, but now its trying to ssh to 'sata-test'
20:41 teratomawhich is the client, not the fai-host
20:41 teratomashouldnt it be trying to connect to the fai-host?  
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