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08:49 protimorning
08:50 protiI wonder if it's possible to use metaclass (class that defines other class) in the fai config ?
08:51 oz_should be no problem.
08:51 protiHow ?
08:52 oz_look in /srv/fai/config/class and check out the scripts there
08:54 oz_
08:55 oz_no so much Doku about it, but the scripts show how to do it
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08:56 oz_I think you can use the command 'ifclassÄ
08:56 oz_'ifclass', even...
08:56 protiI did. Should I do : 'ifclass <metaclass> && echo 'the classes I want to define' ?
08:56 oz_if not, roll you own
08:56 protiIn a 99-something script ?
08:56 oz_proti: yes, should work...
08:57 protiOk, that should work.
08:57 protiThere is no more sane way to do it (like a METACLASS file with all the class in it).
09:00 protiThanks for the tip.
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09:05 protiI would like to report some problem with setup-storage.
09:05 protiShould I create an account ?
09:05 oz_account for what?
09:06 protiwiki ?
09:06 oz_ah... yes, a good idea
09:07 protishortly, it works good at creating, but fails to remove old disk setup (especially, when there was RAID+LVM on them).
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09:08 oz_I think I observed that too
09:08 oz_I observed that setup-harddisks fails in the first run, but succeeds in the second
09:08 oz_I wonder...
09:08 protiThe problem is that it must activate the old setup before cleaning it up.
09:09 protiYou need to setup mdadm then wgchange -a y
09:09 protiand then lvremove, and vgremove before detroying the mdadm
09:09 protiRAID*
09:09 oz_that's different to my problem.
09:10 protiIt fails because it finds an olg VG with different name on the RAID setup.
09:11 protiSecond is that it cannot preserve partitions on already existing setup. (I expected that).
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09:13 oz_moin thomas :)
09:13 protioz_: What was your problem ?
09:15 oz_under cetain circumstances (I don'T know yet) the filesystem is created, but the install process ends anyway...
09:15 oz_if I restart the process all runs fine...
09:16 protiIt ends certainly because some of the command issued by the setup-storage failed (exit code != 0) certainly.
09:17 oz_I will continue to work on it this afternoon...I'll see then, I hope
09:17 protiDid you have the format.log of the 2 runs ?
09:17 oz_yes, but not here
09:18 oz_"here" = @work, "there" = my lab :)
09:18 protiok
09:19 oz_fai @ work is 100% debian and runs perfekt
09:19 oz_fai @ lab is ubuntu and needs some work. ;)
09:19 protiI worked on 100% ubuntu.
09:20 protigrub is a nightmare on ubuntu
09:20 oz_hehe...what makes you think so?
09:21 protithe update-grub was generating empty menu.lst
09:21 oz_ah, yes
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09:21 protiso, no boot.
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09:21 protiI have a workaround after 2 days tries.
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09:22 oz_proti: what's the workaround?
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09:23 proti1- Install a
09:23 proti2- in the postinst do a cat /var/run/grub/menu.lst-ucf* >> /boot/grub/menu.lst
09:24 oz_grub/menu.lst-ucf?
09:24 protiYes
09:24 protiin /var/run/grub after the update-grub
09:25 protiThe kernel list is generated in this file. But not reported in the /boot/grub/menu.lst
09:25 protigo figure...
09:26 oz_where does the *ucf suffix come from?
09:26 protifrom ucf package :-)
09:27 oz_and how comes that the /boot/grub/menu.lst isn't there?
09:28 protiThere is already a good explanation, see bug #239674 on launchpad
09:28 proti
09:32 oz_okay, so I now have to say thak you
09:32 oz_I think that fixes something...
09:32 oz_strange.
09:32 protiyes, strange
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09:33 protiThe cat is supposed to update manualy the menu.lst.
09:33 oz_"Reverting to the Debian behavior, which we've never had any trouble with, would be an improvement over the current Ubuntu version for us." <- giggle
09:33 oz_ubuntu could focus on configuring the desktop, and maybe the boot process
09:34 oz_dunno why they do so many other things
09:34 protiThis guy has a blog where he is a bit more explicit on the decision ubunutu made.
Action: oz_ just does an update and wonders if it fails also
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09:34 proti
09:34 oz_last update, had to reboot with an older(!!) kernel to get locales installed correctly
09:35 protiI fixed this too.
09:35 oz_I wonder if this will happen now again
09:35 siretartyou might consider poking slangasek with this bug
09:35 oz_slangasek?
09:35 oz_it's the kernel
09:35 siretartno, I was talking about the grub issue
09:36 protito set a locale in ubuntu : fcopy /etc/environment; fcopy /etc/default/locale; locale-gen fr-FR.UTF-8
09:36 oz_ah, okay
09:38 protiI don't really get the way hwdetect is working
09:38 protiin class/20-hwdetect.source
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09:39 protiit does not output any class.
09:39 oz_it does
09:39 protiwhere ?
09:40 oz_e.g.:
09:40 oz_    if discover --version | grep "discover \(version \)*1\." ; then
09:40 oz_        VIDEODRIVER=$(discover --xdriver video 2> /dev/null)
09:40 oz_    else
09:40 oz_        VIDEODRIVER=$(discover --data-path=xfree86/server/device/driver display)
09:40 oz_    fi
09:40 oz_    [ -n "$VIDEODRIVER" ] && echo "VIDEODRIVER=$VIDEODRIVER" >> $LOGDIR/addition
09:40 oz_al.var
09:40 oz_    echo "Video card detected: $VIDEODRIVER"
09:40 oz_ups.
09:40 oz_that was a bad idea
09:40 protiHum, I don't have the same.
09:41 protiMine only modprobes the hardware and set dma on disk.
09:41 oz_that's my debian fai
09:42 protiComes from /usr/share/fai-doc/examples/simple/class/20-hwdetect.source
09:43 protiWhat is the one you're talking about ?
09:44 oz_?
09:44 protiThe one with the discover stuff ?
09:46 oz_as you said, I took it from the simple examples
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09:47 protiok
09:48 protiIt's not present on ubuntu.
09:48 protiAll lines commented in a file DEMO/10-misc
09:48 oz_neither in debian
09:48 oz_but the hwdetect can work as all other scripts to
09:49 oz_too, even
09:51 protiOk, i'll figure something base on this.
09:51 protibased*
09:52 oz_haha
09:52 oz_"hwdb-xml -a" ?
09:54 protinice, I didn't know this one.
09:56 oz_some things are nice with ubuntu
09:59 protiIt is not installed on nfsroot, discover yes
10:00 oz_just add it to NFSROOT and run make-fai-nfsroot
10:03 protiHum, it pulls quite a lot of dependencies
10:04 protihal, dbus, consolekit, policykit, x11-libs, python-central, glib, acl, libsmbios.
10:09 siretartoz_: proti: are you installing hardy or intrepid?
10:09 protihardy
10:09 siretartok
Action: siretart needs to do the next fai merge, targeted for intrepid
10:10 protiintrepid is not in a good shape for installation at this time.
10:11 protiI think, I'll start fai install intrepid when they'll stabilize the distrib at the end of september
10:12 siretartwell, feature freeze for intrepid is this thursday
10:12 siretartI upgraded my laptop yesterday, and was pleasently surprised
10:13 protiMy home machine is intrepid.
10:13 protiBad splash boot, gnome session does not reboot or halt.
10:14 protiAnd at the shutdown, it emits a lot of beeps, which is annoying as hell.
10:14 siretartthe latter was even release-noted, right
10:15 protiThose problems went early in the developpement, and are still not fixed.
10:17 protiWho wrote setup-harddisk
10:17 proti ?
10:17 protisetup-storage *
10:18 oz_# $Id: setup_harddisks 4240 2007-03-07 13:50:11Z lange $
10:18 protithanks.
10:18 oz_thomas did
10:20 protialone ?
10:20 oz_ask him... :)
10:20 oz_dunno but I think so, yes
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10:22 protiMrfai: setup-storage at the moment, fails to discard preexisting RAID and LVM volumes.
10:22 protiI'm afraid this issue won't be  easyly solved.
10:29 protibrb (lunch)
10:31 Mrfaiproti: I did not wrote setup_harddisk. Read the header of the file itself, then you see that I only made some changes to it.
10:32 protiright
10:32 protiWho maintains the setup-storage them ?
10:32 protithen*
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10:35 protiWiping the partition table is not enough to get rid of RAID volumes neither LVM.
10:35 protiYou have to get rid of the stored metadata too.
10:36 protiAnd to preserve some volumes, you have to activate all of them, and discard what you don't like.
10:36 Mrfaiproti: michael tautschnig wrote and maitains setup-storage
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10:38 protiwhich nick has he ?
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11:27 Mrfaiproti: mt, he's currently not online
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14:56 ajf__hi
14:56 ajf__I've hit an INTERNAL ERROR in setup-storage
14:59 ajf__Table header not seen yet
15:01 ajf__
15:03 oz_are you running fai from an installserver or from a CD?
15:04 ajf__an installserver
15:04 eartoastmoin
15:04 ajf__FAI 3.2.9
15:05 eartoaststill got a few photos from the FAI WS in Essen... anyone interested?
Action: oz_ is
15:05 oz_the train was still running?
15:07 ajf__I've tried starting with a blank partition table, but the parsing still fails.
15:08 oz_what driver are you using for the DELL PERC 6/i
15:08 oz_?
15:11 ajf__sd?
15:12 eartoasttrain still working, sometimes getting stuck somewhere, but ;)
15:12 ajf__
15:15 oz_ajf__: iirc this dell card still is somewhat flacky under linux...
15:15 oz_read e.g.
15:15 ajf__seems to work fine if I don't use setup-storage though
15:15 oz_I think you need a custon kernel, still...but I maybe wrong don't have to much time to check today
15:16 oz_working out-of the box...I'm surprised to hear this
15:17 ajf__I haven't looked at doing anything fancy with it yet though.
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15:28 ajf__Line 140 of
15:28 oz_ajf__: I'm sorry never used that with debian...
15:29 ajf__the hardware, or the new setup-storage script?
15:40 oz_the hardware
15:41 ajf__I don't think the problems that specific to the hardware
15:42 ajf__when the script calls 'parted', parted prints an extra 'Model:' line to STDOUT.
15:42 ajf__I think it's this that's causing the parsing to fail.
15:44 oz_dunno, did you look up the Dell docu for this box?
15:44 ajf__perhaps for regular hardware this line isn't printed?
15:44 oz_they write a few line about the use under linux
15:44 ajf__or perhaps I'm just running with an incompatible version of parted?
15:44 oz_question is, why parted echoes another line
15:44 oz_another question, even
15:52 ajf__I'm getting somewhere
15:53 ajf__it's the version of parted from Lenny that's the issue.
15:57 ajf__At least the version in Etch has different output than the lastest stable release.
15:58 oz_but we should fix setup-storage for that
15:58 oz_ajf__: patches welcome ;)
15:58 ajf__I've gone for a v. quick hack by adding | grep -v Model in relevant places
Action: oz_ once again wathes his ubuntu-fai-cd to boot
15:59 ajf__The script gets further, but something else has failed.  I'm looking into that now.
Action: oz_ 's fai-cd recovered from a b0rken sources.list, as it seems
16:19 ajf__A quick hack of my config file and all seems to be working
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20:49 teratomaso i accidentally upgraded my fai server to 3.2.9
20:49 teratomaclients fail on 'mounting nfs server'
20:49 teratomai get dumped to the busybox prompt
20:50 teratomai have now downgraded my fai server to 3.2.8
20:50 teratomai no longer get that error
21:02 teratomahow do i get around this problem after i'm almost done booting ?
21:02 teratomaThe authenticity of host 'moon (' can't be established.
21:02 teratomaRSA key fingerprint is ...........
21:02 teratomaAre you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?
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21:45 teratomai wonder why at the end of my fai install
21:46 teratomait tries to ssh to the client... not the server
21:46 teratomathat is weird
21:46 teratomai would that line would be 'trying to connect to fai-server'
21:46 teratomamoon is the client
23:12 teratomai guess that's wha ti get for running testing version of fai
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--- Wed Aug 27 2008

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