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08:20 oz_moin
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09:46 tempelmoin
09:47 tempelversuche grade meine XEN domain von NFS zu booten
09:47 tempelkriege aber leider:
09:47 tempelWarning: unable to open an initial console.
09:47 tempelKernel panic - not syncing: No init found.  Try passing init= option to kernel.
09:47 tempelaber unglaublich das das ueberhaupt schon so weit kommt ;)
09:47 tempelnizenize
09:48 tempelhabe diese zeile so in meiner faitest-xen.cfg mit der ich die domain starte:
09:48 tempelextra = 'ip=dhcp root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/srv/fai/nfsroot boot=live FAI_ACTION=install FAI_FLAGS=verbose,sshd,syslogd,createvt debug'
09:49 oz_nfsroot=/srv/fai/nfsroot won't work
09:49 tempelist 1zu1 aus dem wiki, leider scheint die nicht angenommen zu werden und ich muss die parameter noch mal an anderer Stelle der config angeben, also root='/dev/nfs' und co
09:49 oz_try nfsroot=<IP_OF_YOUR_NFSSERVER>:/srv/fai/nfsroot
09:50 tempelhmm i get the: Looking up port of RPC 100005/1 on stuff...
09:51 tempelthe settings come with dhcp, but adding try nfsroot=<IP_OF_YOUR_NFSSERVER>:/srv/fai/nfsroot
09:51 oz_is your nfsserver?
09:51 tempeldoes not change it ;(
09:51 tempelyes, its all correct, right server, right path
09:51 oz_can you mount the nfsroot from other hosts?
09:51 tempelyes
09:52 tempelits a running fai setup, just using a xen kernel now
09:52 oz_in the network segment of the install clients, too?
09:52 oz_ah
09:52 tempeli think the problem is with the xen domain ?! ...maybe a tricky initial console needed?
09:52 tempel[155565.018725] Looking up port of RPC 100005/1 on
09:52 tempel[155570.059343] VFS: Mounted root (nfs filesystem).
09:53 oz_tempel: try to add "init=/bin/bash" and inspect the box
09:53 oz_"make-fai-nfsroot" went fne?
09:53 oz_s/fne/fine/
09:59 tempelyes, installed several hosts from this nfsroot ;) - just got this link:
09:59 tempel
09:59 tempelwill tell here, if i find a solution
10:19 tempelhmm have to change /etc/inittab, or /etc/event.d/ for ubuntu, but the change in event.d does not help atm. ;(
10:20 oz_did you ry init=/bin/bash
10:21 tempelyes, and init=/bin/sh
10:21 oz_still not found?
10:22 siretarttempel: just a not, the fai install system (the fai nfsroot) does not work with upstart currently. You must make sure that you use sysvinit from universe in the nfsroot. the installed system can use upstart however
10:24 tempelbig thnx!!!
10:24 oz_siretart: have you tested fai-cd on ubuntu?
10:24 siretartoz_: no, I didn't
10:24 siretartoz_: but I read some days ago in this channel that someone claimed it to work
10:24 oz_yea, it was me
10:25 siretartah, cool
10:25 oz_it basically works, but it has some probs
10:25 siretartwas it hard? did it need many tweaks?
10:25 oz_siretart: no, almost outofthe box, I have a protokol
10:25 siretartI need to do another fai merge later next week, if you can give me some notes to tweak, I can incorporate them in the package
10:25 oz_okay
10:28 h01gerstockholm, are you planning to go to extremadura too?
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10:42 tempelsiretart: can u give me any more information about switching to sysvinit? a link? ;D "must make sure to use sysvinit.."   -meaning i have to update my ubuntu nfsroot?!
10:42 stockholmh01ger: no, i cant
10:42 stockholmfamily intervenes
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10:48 hitman2008hi all
10:48 hitman2008i want to install linux on my eee-pc remotely
10:49 hitman2008i want to know if there is a win32 version of FAI
10:49 hitman2008?
10:50 hitman2008Hallo
10:50 hitman2008Ich moechte etwas kennen
10:50 h01gerthere is no win32 version for fai
10:51 hitman2008is there any other way to install linux in another computer from win32
10:51 h01gerstockholm, :( though i expected/remembered that :)
10:51 h01gerhitman2008, follow the eeepc howto from
10:52 h01gerhitman2008, you could install a linux-vm on windows...
10:53 hitman2008h01ger, I just want to install BT3 on eee-pc
10:54 h01gerwhats BT3?
10:54 hitman2008back track 3
10:55 hitman2008
10:55 h01geric
10:55 hitman2008:D
10:56 hitman2008i think i can do it with a DHCP and a TFTP server
10:56 hitman2008like tftpd32
10:57 hitman2008what do you think?
10:58 h01ger"you can also shoot yourself in the knee" is what i (honestly+bluntly) think. this sounds like a special purpose install in a windows only land. why dont you install manually or setup a fai server on linux?
Action: h01ger goes away to shower+breakfast
11:00 hitman2008thanks!!!
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11:04 siretarttempel: in the fai config, there is a file NFSROOT which specifies which packages are to be installed in the nfsroot
11:04 siretarttempel: if you are using the ubuntu packaged fai, the file is already ok
11:27 oz_siretart: full ack, the install went quit straight forward
11:28 oz_ my quick-hack protocol
11:29 oz_I see some german english mix, I have to cerrect it
11:29 oz_correct, even :)
11:30 oz_siretart: I did some tweaking of it including some pxe-menu which lets you choose between desktop, laptop and server install
11:30 siretartyes, we have some similar tweaks here
11:31 oz_I wanna add some "install a clone of the install server" option
11:31 oz_do you have something like that, too?
11:31 siretartno. there are some netbootable imageing/restore systems out there, though
11:32 oz_oh, that sounds also interesting
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Action: oz_ wants some imageing/restore system with fai
17:19 h01gerdd?
17:19 h01ger;)
17:19 oz_partimage work better
17:19 oz_+s
17:19 oz_ :)
17:19 oz_hi holger
17:20 oz_h01ger: proble is only the automatic imaging yet
17:20 oz_as I don't have a clue how to deal with versions properly
18:47 h01gerversion=200808211641?
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