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06:51 teratomahello people of FAI
06:52 teratomai am running latest fai after adding fai repo, and i use etch stable
06:52 teratomai keep getting this error when running fai-setup -vvvvvvvvvvv
06:52 teratomawhat should i do?
06:52 teratomahttp://pastie.org/
06:52 teratomaoops not that url
06:52 teratomathis one
06:52 teratomahttp://pastie.org/254797
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09:39 catwellHi.
09:40 catwellI think I've found a bug in fai-chroot.
09:40 stockholmthat one will be popular :-)
09:40 catwell$rootfs is set only by the use of the options -i and -o, so using -F -k [params] won't work.
09:40 stockholmwhat version are you using?
09:40 catwellthe latest
09:41 catwell(the one released on the 12th)
09:41 catwellwhen I use -F -k it doesn't add the "append" line in  /srv/tftp/fai/pxelinux.cfg/[my ip in hex]
09:41 stockholmso you talk about fai-chboot?
09:42 catwellbecause of this line :  print FILE $append if $rootfs;
09:42 catwellstockholm: yes
09:42 catwellsorry
09:42 catwellI wrote chroot... didn't notice
09:42 Mrfaicatwell: it would be nice if you could write a bug report for that
09:43 catwellMrfai: I will :)
09:44 catwellDo I have to use launchpad for that ?
09:44 catwellI don't see a bugtracker linked on the main page.
09:45 catwellI find launchpad when I type fai fully automatic report bug in google...
09:46 Mrfaiyou can use the debian bts for that
09:46 catwellok
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10:07 eartoastmoin
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11:26 tempelhi
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11:27 tempeli created my basefiles with: "debootstrap --arch=i386 gutsy gutsy"  -do u see any problems with that?
11:41 Mrfaino
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13:16 tempelcool, thx
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16:00 Mrfaie
16:00 stockholmj
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20:08 cbmuser_hey folks, just updated to fai 3.2.9 and it seems I am finally to install lenny with FAI
20:09 cbmuser_great job !
21:08 cbmuser_hmm, anybody can tell me, where the client gets the sources.list from ?
21:09 cbmuser_I put a custom sources.list into the nfsroot and in /etc/fai/apt of the server, but the client still uses the official debian-mirrors for install instead my own
21:12 istaz_cbmuser_: did you update your nfsroot after modifying it ?
21:15 cbmuser_oehm, I worked directly in the root
21:16 cbmuser_when cat the /etc/apt/sources.list on the client, it shows the proper version with my deb-server
21:19 cbmuser_but I will simply rebuild the nfsroot now, maybe thats better :)
21:19 cbmuser_seems to be the cleaner way
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22:57 cbmuser_if anybody is still awake: is "ifclass" still present in the current FAI-version (3.2.9) ?
22:57 cbmuser_it complains in one of my scripts not being able to find the command
22:58 cbmuser_hmm, okey, it is
22:58 cbmuser_in subroutines
22:59 cbmuser_ok, one should not call a fai-script outside fai :)
--- Tue Aug 19 2008

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