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11:15 catwellCan somebody tell me where I can find information about what exactly happens at this point of the FAI boot process :
11:16 catwellBegin: Mounting root filesystem ...
11:16 catwellBegin: Running /scripts/live-premount ...
11:17 catwellI want to know what happens between these two lines (or where the code that outputs them is).
11:44 eartoastcatwell: this is the initrd trying to mount the nfsroot
11:44 eartoastthis code is actually not part of fai itself...
11:46 eartoastyou can cpio to unpack the initrd
11:47 catwellok that's what I'll try to do
11:48 eartoastor look at the contents of 'live-initramfs' debian package which should be installed in the nfsroot :)
11:55 catwelllooks like live-initramfs isn't installed in my nfsroot
11:55 catwellat least it isn't listed in /etc/fai/NFSROOT
11:56 catwellis that normal ?
11:59 Mrfaicall make-fai-nfsroot -v and read the log output. You can also put this output onti and we will have a look at it
12:21 catwelllooks like it does install live-initramfs in fact
12:21 catwellit's not just explicit in /etc/fai/NFSROOT anymore
12:21 catwellit was when I used Etch I think
12:21 catwell if you want the output of make-fai-nfsroot -v
12:23 catwellI've extracted the initramfs with cpio, looks like my problem is in either init or a script in scripts/
12:24 catwellAm I right that live-premount is called by this line in init: . /scripts/${BOOT} ?
12:37 Mrfaicatwell: your make-fai-nfsroot call lokks good
12:37 catwellYes it shoule be because it works on some machines.
12:38 Mrfaiyou can debug the booting of the initrd if you append the string debug to the kernel command line
12:38 catwellOK
12:38 Mrfaiif the boot preocess fails you normally get a shell prompt like (initramfs). There you can read live.log
12:38 catwellno it doesn't
12:38 catwellit freezes with an IP-Config line
12:39 catwelljust after the scripts/live-premount one
12:40 catwellI'm searching which call to ipconfig prints it. It's strange because on other clients it works, and it worked on this one with an Etch-based FAI server.
12:43 MrfaiMaybe a network problem. Can you see the DHCP and mount request on the install server?
12:45 catwellmy DHCP is on another server and booting a client adds 4 lines to the log :
12:45 catwellAug 14 15:19:25 brestv6-gw dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from 00:0b:db:82:71:e5 via eth0
12:45 catwellAug 14 15:19:25 brestv6-gw dhcpd: DHCPOFFER on to 00:0b:db:82:71:e5 via eth0
12:45 catwellAug 14 15:19:29 brestv6-gw dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for ( from 00:0b:db:82:71:e5 via eth0
12:45 catwellAug 14 15:19:29 brestv6-gw dhcpd: DHCPACK on to 00:0b:db:82:71:e5 via eth0
12:46 catwell(this particular client in any case)
12:46 Mrfaiyou must see two dhcp request from each client. First dhcp request is from the PXE boot, then the kernel itself does another dhcp request
12:47 catwellhmm looks like it doesn't here
12:47 catwellI've read about that on the ML
12:47 catwellit said that a ping from the server would fix it
12:47 MrfaiIn the past, there where problem with the seconde dhcp request, because an old version of some tools in the initrd had a bug when using a dhcp gateway. But this should be fixed in lenny
12:47 catwellbut it doesn't in my case
12:49 Mrfaido you have multiple network ards in the host?
12:49 catwellOh, yes I do.
12:50 catwellMight that be the source of the problem ?
12:50 catwellIndeed the machine on which it works has only one.
12:50 catwellI might try to remove the second one.
12:50 catwell(if you meant cards)
12:50 Mrfaiyes, maybe the host boot from your frist NIC, but the kernel thinks this is NIC 2 and changes the order of your two NIC's.
12:51 Mrfaiyep, try to remove the second card
12:51 catwellI have three in fact
12:51 catwell2 ethernet / 1 wireless
12:51 catwellI'll keep only one
12:56 catwellit worked
12:57 catwellso that's the problem
12:57 catwellnow how could I fix it without taking out the two extra network cards ?
12:58 catwellIs there a way to tell the kernel not to mix them or to force it to use a specific one during the setup?
13:16 MrfaiAre the two network card the same type?
13:17 catwellno, one is embedded in the mother board
13:17 catwellit's the one I use for the setup
13:18 catwellthe two other ones can't do PXE I think
13:18 catwelland they can't do Wake on Lan either
13:21 catwellisn't it possible to do something so that the second DHCP request is sent for all the interfaces instead of one ?
13:21 catwellor something like that
13:23 catwellor I can try to use nameif...
13:24 catwellbut that would work only for one client
13:26 MrfaiAFAIK there's no general solution for this. You may want to force the kernel to load certain network card drivers in a defined order. So the first card detected may become eth0. But since udev works asynchronously, you cannot guarantee which card is detected first.
13:26 MrfaiIf you remove a network card driver from the initrd, then this type of cards will not be detected.
13:29 catwellso it's udev that does the naming
13:29 catwellI should be able to use udev persistent rules then?
13:30 tokkeelazyb0y_: Danke fuer die Meldung btw.!
13:30 Mrfaiyep, but therefore you need the mac address of each card AFAIK
13:31 catwellyes
13:31 catwellI'll try something like that.
13:58 catwellOK I found how to do, know I have to understand how I can modify my initramfs during the make-fai-nfsroot process.
14:02 Mrfaiif you just want to remove a kernel module, rm this in $nfsroot/lib/modules/......, then do a chroot into the nfsroot and call dpkg-reconfigure linux-image...
14:02 MrfaiThis will rebuild the initrd
14:04 catwellbut won't that break next time I run fai-setup ?
14:09 Mrfaiyep. But you may want to write a make-fai-nfsroot hook, which always removes this module and rebuild the kernel inside the nfsroot
14:14 catwellok
14:14 catwelllooks like the easiest solution
14:34 catwellI get : /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: linux-image is not installed
14:35 catwellwhen you say chroot into the nfsroot you mean /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir ?
14:41 Mrfaiyep
14:41 Mrfaitry dpkg -l |grep linux-image inside the nfsroot. Then you see the exact name of the package
14:43 catwellOK, it was linux-image-2.6.25-2-686
14:44 catwellI must have changed that somewhere...
14:45 catwellIs it normal that I get a lot of lines reading grep: /proc/modules: No such file or directory ?
14:45 catwellI guess it is but...
14:52 Mrfaiyou do not have mounted /proc into the nfsroot. But maybe the initrd is ok without /proc
14:53 catwellOk, I'll try to mount it otherwise.
15:04 Mrfaicatwell: do not forget to umount it
15:05 catwellyes, but looks like it works even without it
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16:04 catwellI've not succeeded yet (even without the corresponding module it tries to use the bad network card) but now I know where the problem comes from.
16:04 catwellThanks a lot for the help, I must go now :)
16:04 catwellSee you.
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16:25 lazyb0y_tokkee: bidde
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--- Fri Aug 15 2008

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