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09:34 tokkeeIs it possible to get any interesting statistics from FAI which could be fed to collectd (
09:42 MrfaiNo. I think FAI specific statistiks are not that interesting.
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10:47 tokkeeMrfai: Btw. if you want to link git:// and / or (web frontend) from the FAI website, feel free to do so ;-)
10:47 tokkeeMrfai: The repo is automatically sync'ed four times a day.
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10:51 MrfaiATM, I will not link to it. IMO we should provide a git repro on alioth (which will be always in sync) if people like to have git access. But thanks anyway, now we can check if people like to use your repro.
10:56 tokkeeOkay - that makes sense.
10:57 tokkeeDoing automatic syncs in real-time should be easily set up as long as we're only writing to the SVN repo.
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10:58 tokkeeDoing an automatic sync in both directions sounds like a pain in the... eh... behind. ;-)
11:03 tempel_my setup-storage begins with: Use of uninitialized value in numeric eq (==) at /usr/share/fai/setup-storage// line 426, <$config_file> line 1  
11:03 tempel_ist this a configuration problem ?
11:04 tempel_even throws it with minimal config...
13:01 eartoastMrfai: wann laedst du die neue version hoch?
13:02 stockholmtokkee: put it in the wiki please
13:11 Mrfaieartoast: seit 10 sekunden im koeln repository. Ich mach noch ein paar Test dann kann ich wohl uploaded
13:26 tokkeestockholm: Who's responsible for wiki accounts? Mrfai?
13:27 stockholmtokkee: i think so, yes
13:27 stockholmtokkee: i mailed him when i wanted one
13:29 tokkeeMrfai: Kannst du mir bitte ein Account fuer's Wiki einrichten? Oder soll ich an faiwikimgr eine Mail schreiben?
13:44 Mrfaiich mach dir jetzt einen account
13:45 tokkeeDanke!
13:46 Mrfaitokkee: du wirst eine email bekommen
13:47 tokkeeJo, haengt grad in der Grauliste ;-)
13:56 eartoastMrfai: kuhl, danke :)
Action: Mrfai just uploaded FAI 3.2.9
14:26 tokkeestockholm: [x] done
14:28 stockholmtokkee: tag? oder wiki?
14:31 tokkeestockholm: Wiki.
14:51 tokkeeCloses: 451013 474326 484722 487080 487866 488404 490111 494357 494357 494387 494440 494440 494443 494518 494518 494519 494520 494523 494523 494784
14:51 tokkeeNice! :-)
14:53 stockholmahhh
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16:27 tempel_could u please have a look at ?
16:27 tempel_Traceback: task_error task_partition task task_install task task_action task main
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16:28 tempel_trying to use setup-storage and don't know what is failing...
16:28 tempel_will try with debug
16:29 tempel_i am using the example config
16:29 tempel_any help appreciated ;)
16:43 tempel_hmm tomorrow! maybe? ^^
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--- Wed Aug 13 2008

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