02:27 dan_hello people of fai
05:54 oz_moin
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08:12 stockholmmoin
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08:37 oz_yo. ubuntu desktop deploys.
Action: oz_ running fai-cd now
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08:53 ichbinsre
08:53 ichbins:)
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11:02 tokkeeSo... 4.5 Stunden Fahrt sind doch deutlich angenehmer als 10 Stunden ;-)
Action: oz_ burning ubuntu fai-cd now
11:03 oz_fai on hardy is quite usable, I'm very impressed
11:06 ichbins;-)
11:07 stockholmtokkee: gings zurück besser? :-)
11:10 tokkeestockholm: Jop - deutlich :-)
11:49 eartoastmoin
Action: oz_ @ fai-cd test on zu-bunt-u
11:53 stockholmah, ich muss noch an die entwocklerliste schreiben wegen der quilt seite
11:53 stockholmwo ist denn die entwicklerliste?
11:53 oz_quilt?
11:54 stockholmja, ich habe was zu patchmanagemtn geschrieben
11:54 stockholmdamit wir unabhängig von thomas in trunk committen können und ein experiemtnel paket bauen können
11:55 oz_stockholm: fai@informatik.uni-koeln.de?
11:55 stockholmah
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12:07 Mrfaistockholm: die entwicklerliste ist linux-fai-devel@uni-koeln.de
Action: stockholm liest -project
12:09 stockholmMrfai: danke
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12:48 oz_boot from fai-cd slooooooow...
12:54 oz_"sys_timer_create+0x2a/0x330" <- anyone knows that?
12:54 oz_I got lots of msgs like this
12:54 oz_and boot is really slow
13:35 Mrfaifai 3.2.9~6 ist now available in the koeln repository
13:35 MrfaiI still have to fix lintian errors
13:35 Mrfaibefore 3.2.9 can be released
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14:06 mcarvalhlooking at the devworkshop page, it appears you have a working lenny fai package. is this correct? if so, when should we expect to see it in the lenny repository?
14:07 oz_uh. lintian lists several missing manpages
14:17 ichbinsso feierabend bis mojen jungs und mädels
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14:18 Mrfaimcarvalh: if everything goes right it might appear in 2-3 weeks in lenny. I will upload to unstable this week.
14:19 mcarvalhgreat. thanks Thomas!
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14:24 zahnacan fai be used to automate bsd installs?
14:24 Mrfainot yet supported, but it may be possible
14:24 zahnaah, ok.  thanks!
14:25 zahnais there a distro that FAI works best with?
14:27 Mrfaimaybe Debian ;-)
14:28 zahnai didn't see anything that indicated that.  ok.
14:28 Mrfaisure, Debian is supported best.
14:28 MrfaiMost FAI users use it with Debian, I only use it with Debian
14:28 zahnaok, i guess that's why Linux Journal called FAI as "Debian's FAI"
14:29 stockholmMrfai: ist meine subscribe/request mail an linux-fai-devel schon da angekommen? ich habe noch keine antwort
14:29 Mrfaithere's an article about FAI? Where excatly?
14:30 Mrfaistockholm: das geht autom. Ich bekomme nur eine Mail wenn du dich entgueltig eingetragen hast. Die Mailliste wird technisch nicht von mir gepflegt, das geht ueber das Rechenzentrum.
14:30 zahnaIn the April 2008 issue of Linux Journal, there is an article about automated installing with PXE, FAI is mentioned 5 lines down in the article.
14:31 zahnait mentioned kickstart and FAI, so i thought i'd check out FAI
14:32 stockholmaber ich muss an linux-fai-devel-subscribe schreiben, gell?
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14:47 Mrfaistockholm: das gibt es ein webseite auf der du dich auch subscriben kannst
14:48 Mrfaihttps://lists.uni-koeln.de/mailman/listinfo/linux-fai-devel
14:51 stockholmjupp, gemacht
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15:39 oz_whohee. fai-cd works also on ubuntu
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16:01 Mrfaioz_: why not?
16:03 oz_just didn't know ;)
16:06 oz_and the last tie I used fai-cd on debian it was broken, and I build something with live-image with h01ger
16:07 oz_so far everything runs as smooth as it can run
16:09 oz_so macht's echt mal spass :)
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16:51 oz_BLKRRPART Device busy <- anyone?
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-eQwhushpimp:#fai- South African Tech Site Now Open: http://www.OpenPortal.co.nr
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18:20 tostadohi
18:21 tostadoi have a problem installing ubuntu hardy, the ssl-cert package postinstall script is broken
18:21 tostadohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ssl-cert/+bug/43987
18:21 tostadoi nowhere found a workaround for this
18:21 tostadoanyone an idea ?
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