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Action: ichbins mojeeeen an alle
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07:12 ichbinsmoin fai-guy
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07:58 cakehey, Any quick tips on what i can check when my fai client cant mount the root file system and just drops to busybox shell?
07:58 cakei had this working on a 32bit server, but moved the install to a 64bit box. And now the pxe booted clients cannot mount the root fs
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09:11 stockholmcake: read the file /log
09:12 stockholmcake: it logs stuff there
09:29 cake /log ? inside busybox? there is no such thing
09:29 cakethere might be a dns problem
09:29 cakenslookup doesnt work
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09:39 stockholmnot inside busybox, inside debian-live initramfs
09:39 stockholmerr... initramfs
09:41 cakestockholm: yes
09:41 cakestockholm: there is no /log there
09:41 stockholmok
09:41 cakewait
09:41 oz_cake: can you use e.g. wget instaed of nslookup?
09:41 cakelive.log ?
09:42 stockholmits in the /
09:42 stockholma file
09:42 stockholmwith a very obvious log name
09:42 cakeoz_: nope, nothing which needs dns
09:42 cakenslookup wget ping
09:42 cakeetc
09:43 cakecat /live.log
09:43 cakegives me:
09:43 oz_no network at all?
09:43 oz_or just DNS
09:43 oz_?
09:43 cakeBegin: Trying nfsmount -o nolock -o ro ftpt/fai-server-ip:/src/fai/nfsroot /live/image ...
09:43 cakerpc failed: 2
09:43 cakelike 20 times
09:43 cakeDone
09:44 cakeUnabel to find a live file system on the network
09:44 cakeso i think it might be dns trouble
09:44 cakeI can see there is traffic between the fai server and the booted client using tcpdump
09:44 oz_"ftpt/fai-server-ip:/src/fai/nfsroot" looks weird.
09:45 cakeoz_: just scrambled it abit
09:45 cakelets say it said
09:45 cakeoz_: to answer your q, the network is working
09:46 cakei can ping the dnsservers, the gateway, the fai server - just not do dns lookups it seems
09:46 cake:s
09:46 cakebrb lunch time :)
09:46 oz_but that should work then, if you use ip adresses
09:46 stockholmcake: try it with an ip?
09:46 stockholmsee if it works then?
09:46 oz_stockholm: ^5 :)
09:46 stockholm:-)
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10:00 cakei did try with an ip
10:01 cakei still get rcp failed: 2
10:02 stockholmcake: can you tcpdump on the network?
10:03 cakesure
10:03 stockholmcheck if you see any packages
10:03 cakei do see plenty of packages
10:04 cakebut there is a problem with the mount somehow as it returns rpc failed: 2
10:04 cakei thought portmap
10:04 cakebut no
10:04 cakeit runs
10:05 cakei can mount the share from other places on the network
10:05 stockholm"share"?
10:05 cakethe nfsroot share
10:06 cakeif i run the same command which fai uses to try and mount the nfsroot - it works from other servers
10:06 stockholmi dont call nfs stuff share. i thought that was windows terminology :-)
10:06 cakehehe
10:06 cakeubuntu calls it shares
10:06 cakeanyway
10:07 stockholmso when you are on the prompt on the intiramdisk after it fails to mount
10:07 stockholmcan you mount the nfs dir then?
10:07 cakenope
10:07 cakesame error as in the log
10:07 cakerpc failed: 2
10:08 stockholmthen i guess your configuration is messed up
10:08 stockholmdo you have several interfaces on that box?
10:08 cakeyes, but i can ping the ip address
10:08 cakeso there is connectivity
10:09 cakejust dns doesnt work
10:09 cakeim not really sure how dns works in busybox as there is no /etc/resolv.conf or /etc/hosts
10:09 stockholmif it just dns then it would work with the ip
10:10 cakebut the dhcp server passes the domain-name-server arguments so..
10:10 cakemaybe i should try to create the initrd again
10:10 stockholmdid you put an ip there, too?
10:10 cake:)
10:10 cakethere is nothing wrong with the dhcp server
10:11 cakei ported this faiserver install from 32bit to 64bit
10:11 cakethe configuration isnt changed
10:11 cakeonly thing that is changed is what kernel and initrd is loaded on boot
10:11 cakeso i guess there is something wrong with the initrd
10:12 stockholmdude, if you suspect that your dns is not working then either fix it or try to work around it or isolate the problem
10:12 stockholmone way to isolate the problem is to use ips instead of names
10:12 stockholmEVEN IN THE DHCP NEXT SERVER!!!!
10:13 cakewhich is what i have
10:13 cakei do know that the dns does not work from the initramfs prompt
10:14 cakei did try to work around it with using the ipaddress in both the dhcp config and the fai config
10:14 stockholmthen something more is broken.
10:14 stockholmnot just dns
10:15 stockholmlike the exports or netgroups on the nfs server
10:15 cakewhich is why i suspect something might be wrong with the initrd
10:16 cakethe nfs server is working perfectly, i can mount the /srv/fai/nfsroot nfsshare from other hosts in the network
10:16 cakewhich is weird
10:18 stockholmthe initramdisk could be broken, yes
10:24 cakehow can i recreate it?
10:43 ichbinsso jungs feierabend bis mojen ;)
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10:54 cakestockholm: do i need to specify somewhere that this is supposed to be a amd64 nfsroot?
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14:43 foolonthehillHi folks, Does anybody know where to get the public key of the uni-koen etch repositoy?
15:06 foolonthehillfound out how to get rid the NO_PUBKEY error on apt-get update
15:06 foolonthehill1.:gpg --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net --recv-keys AB9B66FD
15:06 foolonthehill2.: gpg --armor --export AB9B66FD | apt-key add -
15:07 foolonthehill3. apt-get update
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15:50 cakestockholm: i solved the problem - there was in fact a problem with that specific nfs server, allthough i could mount the dir on other servers it wouldnt let me mount it from busybox
15:52 cakeanyway, can anyone tell me where i can specify what domainname the installed host should have?
15:52 cakeright now i have host. host
15:52 cakein my etc/hosts
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16:40 oz_moin Mrfai
16:40 oz_back from holiday?
16:43 Mrfaiyep.
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17:27 oz_any fai news from the holidays? ;)
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