00:28 cbmuserdamn, I give up for today, this is way too difficult with that live stuff
00:29 cbmuserand there is *no* documenation on that in the FAI-Wiki :(
00:29 cbmuserthe only thing I understand so far is that live-initramfs is configured via kernel-cmdline
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08:23 stockholmcbmuser: i dont know what is so confusing about it.
08:24 stockholmcbmuser: i hardly even notice it much at all
08:33 cbmuserI just don't manage to get it running
08:34 cbmuserI don't understand for example why the init-script mounts the nfs to /live/image and then tries to mount everything on /root
08:35 cbmuserI setup an nfsroot and bootet a aufs-capabale kernel, with boot=live
08:37 stockholmdo you mix an old and a new setup?
08:37 stockholmi imagine that can give confusion
08:37 cbmuserno, the server is fai3
08:38 cbmuserI am trying to setup a lenny-server though
08:41 cbmuserI installed fai-server, edited make-fai-nfsroot.conf, created the nfsroot and let a testclient boot from it (the tftp-server being a second server though)
08:47 stockholmah
08:48 stockholmlenny might not work completly yet. there will be an efford to fix remaining rc bugs in august
08:48 stockholmi dont know if you are bitten by one of those, though
08:49 cbmuserI don't think its fai-related
08:49 cbmuserit seems to be a problem with live-initramfs
08:50 cbmuserit doesn't even load aufs automatically for example
08:51 h01gercbmuser, why do you think its not fai related? fai only supports unionfs but you're trying with aufs... (and fai should (have been) switch(ed) to aufs (some time again))
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08:52 cbmuseryes, but it doesn't even get that far
08:54 cbmuserthe init-script of the initrd tries to setup things in /root/etc, but there is no /root/etc for example
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08:58 h01gercbmuser, please check: if there are versions (of fai, live-initramfs, whatever) in sid, which fix those problems. then, please check if there are bugs filed. then, if not, please file bugs.
08:59 cbmuserhmm, okey
08:59 cbmuserI was assuming that I am doing something completely wrong
09:00 cbmuseris my append-line correct ?:
09:00 cbmuserip=dhcp devfs=nomount FAI_ACTION=install boot=live netboot=nfs initrd=initrd.img-2.6.25-2-486 modules=aufs nfsroot=
Action: h01ger wonders about the devfs param. i think devfs is long gone. but i'm not really qualified to comment on current fai kernel commandline params, so take my word here with a grain of salt
09:04 cbmuserI migrated that from an etch-FAI-installation
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09:05 h01geretch still used devfs
09:05 cbmuserreally, thought that was long before :)
09:06 cbmuserbut removing that didn't fix it
09:06 cbmuserI understood so far that live-initramfs is configured via the cmdline
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17:12 lazyb0ycbmuser: is your kernel command line in the right order? (fai-chboot should do it right - copy that one)
17:17 h01gerdoes order matter?
17:34 oz_if it's too long, for sure
17:34 oz_and i think one can guess that the parsing will have its problems...
17:35 oz_(the boot arg list, to be specific...)
17:35 lazyb0yorder matters.
17:36 lazyb0yfrequently re-occuring problem, and I hassled with this for hours once - sitrting next to mrfai...
17:37 lazyb0yif it's wrong, you get some errors that seem more point to mountiong problems or whatever, basically, you have no chance finding out that it's the order that makes it break
17:37 oz_in most cases, it doesn't matter much, gladly.
17:37 oz_and it *should* not.
17:38 oz_yay
17:38 lazyb0yoz_: in case of live-initramfs stuff it does, and a lot.  I don't exacly which thing must be in order and before or behind which, but if you have ot wrong, it doesn't work
17:38 lazyb0yI'd be happy if it _would_ not, too...
17:38 lazyb0yadios...
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--- Tue Jul 29 2008

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