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13:07 stockholmi have a strange problem:
13:07 stockholmroot@alva:~# cd /var/lib/fai/
13:07 stockholmroot@alva:/var/lib/fai# ls -al
13:07 stockholmand that hangs
13:08 stockholmfind hangs as well
13:08 stockholmand if i do strace on the hanging process i get this:
13:08 stockholmstrace -p 11549
13:08 stockholmProcess 11549 attached - interrupt to quit
13:08 stockholm--- SIGTSTP (Stopped) @ 0 (0) ---
13:08 stockholmrt_sigreturn(0x14)                      = 6
13:08 stockholmlstat("config",
13:08 stockholmwhat can this be?
13:11 h01gerborked kernel/hardware?
13:13 stockholmit is a xfs file system
13:14 stockholmi will do a fsck
13:29 snoopbe sure your /usr/lib and /lib is in executable mod
13:54 h01gerstockholm, so kernel was right :)
14:07 snoophi h0ger, thx for the last time
14:13 h01gersnoop, hi! you're welcome :)
14:20 snoopi love fai now :D
14:20 h01geryou're not alone with that :)
14:24 snoopi try to change the initrd for this time, you know if is possible to start with a intrd2.6.24 for fai-boot and install a 2.6.20 fo the system?  When i do that i have a kernel panic when system is installed
14:26 snoopis working with a older kernel (fai-boot 2.6.18 ) system : 2.6.20
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14:37 h01gersnoop, thats strange. the installed system should be fully indepent of the fai-client system
15:12 snoopi know is not very important, i'm just a geek :p
17:34 stockholmh01ger: why do you say so?
17:34 stockholmi did not get around to doing that fsck
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19:53 h01gerstockholm, my confirmation was a bit ironic. i've read about so many problems with xfs+reiserfs and hardly any with ext2/3 that i (ironically) said, xfs+reiserfs is a kernel problem ;)
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19:58 stockholmh01ger: yes, that is what i want to verify/eliminate
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--- Tue Jul 8 2008

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