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16:16 greenmossanyone here and willing to answer a question?
16:21 snoophat is your problem?
16:23 snoopi'm just a user of fai not a developper
16:27 greenmosstrying to assign an ip to eth1 during installation
16:28 greenmossnot sure where this is done
16:34 greenmosssnoop: still there?
16:37 snoopput your seeting in the network configuration file, fai/files/etc/network/interfaces/FAINAME
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16:43 greenmossthere's no etc/network directory... *is confused*... so how is it even setting up the network at all?
16:50 greenmoss*sigh* guess snoop is gone; anyone else care to answer?
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19:43 juri_it dhcp's eth0 on my systems by default.
19:43 juri_oh, i guess you're gone too.
--- Fri Jul 4 2008

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