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10:41 ToxicHallo
10:42 ToxicWozu braucht man NAT (native adress translation)?
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11:19 lazyb0y_tsts, da wollt ich dem topcix doch grad ne super antwort schreiben...
12:24 stockholmnative address translation is great.
12:38 lazyb0y_oh, I just saw, it's actually a term used for the thing... I thought it was total nonsense...
12:38 lazyb0y_at least, wikipedia says it's known
12:41 stockholmoh?
12:41 lazyb0y_I wonder if it' really correct to say that this is a valid wording alternative... with native, google get's you 1630 results, with network 1.200.000
12:41 stockholmi thought it was nonsense, too
12:41 lazyb0y_but in many of thes small amount of results, they say "also known as native..."
12:42 lazyb0y_1630 va. 1.200.000 is a good sign thta it's nonsense, but somebody made it a valid wording because he saw it writting like that one time...
12:46 h01gerfix wikipedia?
12:47 lazyb0y_thought about that, too, but I'm not into wikipedia flamewars...
12:48 h01gerjust edit anonymously
12:48 h01gerfire+forget
12:49 lazyb0y_true... done...
13:01 stockholmlazyb0y_: WHAT??
13:01 stockholmi should do that more
13:09 lazyb0y_stockholm: what WHAT?
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20:00 mawhinhey, eartoast_, got it working at last - turned out to be something to do with permissions on /target/var/lib/fai - cvs couldn't work there. I moved the FAI_CONFIGSRC to /fai and bob is now my uncle!
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21:07 stockholmso what do i have to watch out for when setting up squid as a debian package cache?
22:16 h01gernada?
22:17 h01gerto cache object bigger than x in size.... x being quite small, like 4mb or so
22:18 h01gerits spelled out in squid.conf
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--- Mon Jun 30 2008

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