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13:20 CharlesBDoes fai-cd work to create a bootable usb drive ?
13:25 h01gerit should
13:35 CharlesBwhen I run Fai-cd , it fail to install the grub at the end see
13:36 CharlesBmy usb look like that   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System
13:36 CharlesB/dev/sdb1               1        1022     1964253   83  Linux
14:18 lazyb0y_CharlesB: do you havfe the usb stick mounted?
14:18 lazyb0y_as written in the man page...
14:18 lazyb0y_?
14:19 CharlesByes, and it does copy all the files expect it can not install the grup, the man pagw ??
14:20 CharlesBI use #mount /dev/sdb usb
14:20 lazyb0y_hmm, I only know that behaviour from when I tried to create the usb contents in a normal directory
14:20 CharlesBinteresting to know !!
14:22 CharlesBcould it be because I m using VMWARE ?
14:22 lazyb0y_you have a physical usb stick, and hand it over into a vmware VM?
14:22 CharlesBYES
14:23 CharlesBdoes it work
14:23 lazyb0y_hmm, it _should_ look like a real, normal usb stick inside the VM, too, I guess...
14:23 lazyb0y_but from all I know about virtualizations stuff, it never really is 100% :)
14:24 lazyb0y_I don't know exactlxy how the fai usb stuff works, but I believe, it determines from the mount info of the mounted directory, where it has to install grub
14:24 CharlesBis it a big job to install grub myself
14:25 lazyb0y_if your mount is just normal, as you wrote above, and mount info looks "normal", that should work...
14:25 lazyb0y_hmm I'm always happy when I don't have to deal with grub stuff - but it should just be ony or two commands ...
14:26 CharlesBcan we burn an iso to usb stick maybe it is  better option
14:27 lazyb0y_CharlesB: I don't know if that might work. but you lose the upside of the usb thing, namely that you can change the contents without re-making the whole stick.
14:27 lazyb0y_iso fs cannot be changed, just completely recreated
14:31 CharlesBI am stuck ?
14:31 lazyb0y_no, i said you can install grub manually, only I don't have the command at hand...
14:31 lazyb0y_please read docs of grub-install and try...
14:31 CharlesBok ?
14:31 CharlesBthanks
14:32 CharlesBafter running the fai-cd I can see the the folfer /boot/grub/ ?
14:33 CharlesBdo i still need to install-grub
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15:48 greenmosshey all; I've got the tftp server, dhcp server, and nfs server set up correctly; I even get an automated install started... but it stops after printing "RPC: Registered tcp transport module"
15:49 greenmossthen after a while drops me into busybox with prompt "(initramfs)"
15:49 greenmosshow do I figure out what's not working?
15:55 greenmoss<bump>
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17:03 greenmossregarding the initramfs prompt, maybe I post to the mailing list instead?
17:15 lazyb0y_greenmoss: what versions of fai are you using, which distribution?
17:15 lazyb0y_greenmoss: and yes, you can always post to the list of you don't get a reply here - sometimes people are busy doing other things...
17:18 greenmossI'm using FAI 3.2.4 from Ubuntu
17:18 greenmossI'm still very shaky on the concepts, so I don't know where to debug the problem I'm having
17:19 greenmossI installed the example "simple" configuration
17:19 tokkeeHi ;-)
17:20 tokkeelazyb0y_: The SSL cert of is broken...
17:20 tokkee(or it might also be iceweasel 3 which is broken...)
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17:22 tokkeeOkay, it's iceweasel which is doing strange things...
17:22 tokkeelazyb0y_: Never mind...
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17:37 lazyb0y_:)
17:37 lazyb0y_you are already on the list, anyway aren't you?
17:38 lazyb0y_did you get the kick off mail?
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17:39 mcarvalhis it possible to build a lenny client using the FAI packages 3.1.8 from etch?
17:40 mcarvalhif so, how would one go about this? is it really tricky?
17:42 lazyb0y_mcarvalh: you need tpo build a base image for lenny, put it into basefiles in your configspace (or write a script that fetches it into the configspace at install time)
17:42 lazyb0y_and then check that your packages lists etc. are correct for lenny package names
17:42 lazyb0y_it's basically the same thing as if you'd install ubuntu by the "multi-distribution" howto's
17:44 lazyb0y_and you need debootstrap > 1 for lenny and others - it won't bootstrap correctly with the default available on etch...
17:46 mcarvalhok thanks. ill look up those how-to's
17:46 mcarvalhI ask because as I see it, Lenny FAI isnt working 100% still has the unionfs problem, correct?
17:48 mcarvalhthough the last time i tried it, it was with 3.2.7.. im updating to 3.2.8 now
17:49 lazyb0y_mcarvalh: it's likely, yes. fai is heavily depending on kernel-near features for this stuff, and it's not really usefule to debug it for .24, as it seems clear that at least .25 will get in...
17:49 lazyb0y_I guess updating FAI doesn't help there
17:49 lazyb0y_you can still use 3.2.8 with Etch, also
17:50 lazyb0y_at least 3.2.6 worked fine, I didn't test .7 and .8 yet
17:50 mcarvalhbut would that let me build a lenny client without the unionfs problem?
17:51 mcarvalhid like to be able to get lenny out to my company (with all of our customizations) before stable releases
17:51 mcarvalhand itd be nice to not have to configure them by hand
17:53 mcarvalhdo we have any idea when 2.6.25 will be in?
17:58 lazyb0y_mcarvalh: what? fai 3.2.8 or the newer kernel?
17:59 lazyb0y_if you have an existing etch install server, I'd recommend using this and go the basefiles approach, and not worry about lennies kernel
17:59 lazyb0y_and no, I have no idea about kernel schedules for lenny
18:18 mcarvalhok, thanks. I'll try the etch basefiles approach.
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--- Sat Jun 28 2008

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