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10:38 eartoast_moin
11:13 lazyb0ymahlzeit!
11:14 stockholmlazyb0y: ich habe cesar schon geschrieben und die fragen weitergeleitet.
11:14 stockholmlazyb0y: und puffer ist gut
11:14 lazyb0ystockholm: danke - du bist super!
11:14 stockholm:-)
11:14 stockholmdanke :-)
11:15 lazyb0yhmm, diese lenny sachen sind ja scheinbar noch sehr unrund...
11:16 lazyb0yliegt wohl alles an kernel-geschichten, aber solange nicht der endgltige 2.6.25er drin ist, hilft testen wohl auch nicht viel - oder?
11:19 h01gerteste in sid
11:35 h01gerlazyb0y, stockholm: speaks about august or october, while the schedule says september...
11:36 stockholmh01ger: can you update the wiki?
11:36 h01geris the pope catholic?
11:40 stockholmh01ger: very much so.
11:40 stockholmi am not sure if he is christian, though
11:40 stockholmany more questions? :-)
11:41 h01gernone yet
11:43 h01gerstockholm, now after reading lazyb0ys mail i understand what you asked for
Action: h01ger suggests to remove every name from the list and ask people to readd themselves
11:43 h01gerlazyb0y, ^
11:49 lazyb0yh01ger: I see no point in this and will not do it.
11:50 lazyb0yI want to be sure to have a means of reaching everybody who put his name on the list.
11:51 lazyb0yand the page does not have the word october in it, and august only in thomas "not before august" statement
11:52 lazyb0yah, i see, since you changed it :) thanks
11:55 h01gereinmal mit profis arbeiten..
11:59 lazyb0y?
12:00 stockholmlol!
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13:43 mludi42hi, said alread that I wrote a templating addition to FAI. with this it is possible to define configuration values centrally and use them in /hooks /scripts and /files. I uploaded it to you can read some example usage in the pod:: perldoc fai-replace. Feedback is appreciated.
13:49 Mrfaimludi42: please put this into the fai wiki, so we have all those things in one place
13:49 mludi42I ask about this, the anwser was to write an email with the wiki article to some address that was not mentioned.
13:50 MrfaiI don't understand.
13:50 Mrfaido you need an account for the wiki?
13:50 mludi42exactly
13:51 MrfaiCan you give me your full name and email address, then I can create you an account right now
13:51 MrfaiWe prefer the full name for wiki accounts
14:03 lazyb0ymludi42: wow, you wrote an own templateing engine implementation?!
14:04 lazyb0yyou might want to look at this:
14:04 mludi42i look at this, but it was not what i wanted
14:04 lazyb0yok
14:05 mludi42it is not very sophisticated, i just wanted to be able to reaplace strings using the class concept of fai in scripts,hooks,files and on the server it self to have a central configuration.
14:05 lazyb0y(I did never test this, either - just thought, "there are many template engines already")
14:05 lazyb0ysound sophisticated :)
14:11 lazyb0yI usually just to some perl -pi -e '/PLACEHOLDER/myvar/G' /path/to/file things in normal scripts, but the idea to have central place where it's saved whcih placeholder has to be filled with what for which class is interesting
14:15 eartoast_mludi42: i created a templates-from-env script, which parses files and substitutes ##blah## by the contents of the $blah environment variable
14:15 mludi42initially I put all my variables in the *var files, this has some adavantage of the FaiTemplates because it allows to reuse already defined variables. But it was a mess. So I decided I want to be able to reuse already defined variables and have a class based concept.
14:16 eartoast_this i use in the individual preinst scripts called by fcopy
14:18 mludi42I see there are some solutions and also that this is a common problem. What I would like is to get the best of them and include the result as a feature in FAI.
14:21 MrfaiI recently saw another Template engine solution for FAI, which may be based on the version in the wiki. I have contact to the autor and will try that this will go into public domain.
14:26 lazyb0yI guess, at least for parsing and filling in data, an existing solution could be used (Text::Template/Mason/template toolkit)
14:27 lazyb0yso only for defining _which_ data, fai-specific code must be written
14:27 lazyb0ycould probable save quite some development and maintenance time...
14:39 eartoast_maybe one could integrate this in fcopy?
14:53 mludi42the thing is I do not only want to be able to use it for files but also for hooks and scripts.
14:57 eartoast_ah, ok
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--- Thu Jun 26 2008

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