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08:33 stockholmhej! :-)
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11:46 CharlesBHow can start mysql in the installtion script file ?  I use $target/etc/init.d/mysql start, is that correct ?
11:55 Mrfaiduring installation no daemons are started. FAI fakes the start-stop-daemon script.
11:56 CharlesBthanks for the info
12:21 CharlesBAfter Adding a user called test , the script does not create a subfolder, I use : mkdir $target/home/test/new_files/ ,any suggestions ?
12:22 CharlesBThe line is added in FAIBASE folder containing scripts
13:24 CharlesBIGNORE LAST QUESTION, the adduser script in DEMO  was running after trying to create directories
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17:11 lyricanyone doing installs of lenny?
17:16 snooplazyb0y: thx i find a method in mail archives, is very simple : when you have a geometry conflict the option --force of sfdisk resolve it, so i put it in the Class/var sfdisk="--force" and is working perfectly
17:24 lyricslightly OT: I must say, coming from a autoyast background, I am really excited about what I have seen so far...SO much more usable/flexible
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18:50 santhuhello
18:50 santhuis there any solution to the unionfs + lenny problem?
18:50 santhui dint know abt it.. finished setting it up
18:50 santhuany hack to overcome it?
19:18 lyrici am dealing with the same thing...
19:18 lyrici.e. module not loading
19:54 santhulyric, did you find a way around?
20:06 lyriclooking into aufs now...
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