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08:23 mauigood morning everyone ;)
08:37 mauijemand erfahrung mit fai, einem eigenen kernel, und passenden nvidia-kernel paketen)
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12:30 mauies funzt ;)
Action: maui dankt den FAI Entwicklern
12:35 mauiauch wenn keiner da is ;)
Action: h01ger winkt
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15:10 Winkiehey, i had one question I forgot to ask, I will need the kernel i'm booting to have the B44 module for the network, I think that needs to be included in the initrd, do i need to do anything special for this?
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20:35 Winkielazyb0y: it turns out hardy refuses to boot on these optiplexes :)
20:36 Winkiehad to go back to debian :)
--- Mon Jun 23 2008

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