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Action: Mrfai booted etch with 2.6.25 and aufs for the first time
09:35 Mrfaikernel panic on one box, runs fine on another box
Action: h01ger wonders why Mrfai doesnt test with lenny
09:36 h01ger+hi :)
09:37 Mrfai2.6.24 aus module has no support for NFS branch.
09:37 Mrfais/aus/aufs/
09:38 stockholmaufs modul? was meinst du?
09:39 h01geranother union fs
09:39 h01gerMrfai, what has .24 to do with lenny?
09:40 MrfaiAFAIK .24 is currently in lenny .25 in sid? Or am I wrong?
09:41 h01gerwhatever
09:41 h01gerlenny will release with .26 at least anyway
09:42 Mrfaipanthera just told me lenny will have .25 at least
09:43 h01gerwhat i said..
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11:37 stockholmjetzt werde ich mal das partitionierungstool mit software raid und lvm probieren. :-)
11:39 oz__hehe
Action: oz__ fährt auch grad sein alten installsystem hoch
Action: oz__ hat ein neues Büro eingerichtet
11:46 h01gerMrfai, - here you find info about the kernels. experiemental has .26~rc6
11:50 Mrfaithis is experimental. I only care about testing, maybe sid. Let's see what lenny will have included.
11:50 h01gerthis is what will become lenny
11:51 h01geralso there are updates to lenny+sid before they are uploaded
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12:57 h01gerMrfai, send to -kernel today: "is anybody taking care of the openafs modules which do not compile any more
12:57 h01gerwith the etchnhalf kernel?
12:57 h01gerThe openafs modules in do compile though with the etchnhalf
12:57 h01gerkernel.
12:57 h01ger"
12:58 h01geraeh, brain misfunction. openafs!=aufs. sorry for the noise
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13:22 stockholmwhere is mt?
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13:39 CharlesBHi , I have installed fai-quickstart on ubuntu, when I run fai-setup I get the following error any suggestion
13:39 CharlesBroot@ubuntu:~# fai-setup
13:39 CharlesBCreating FAI nfsroot in /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir.
13:39 CharlesBBy default it needs more than 330 MBytes disk space.
13:39 CharlesBThis may take a long time.
13:39 CharlesBCreating base system using debootstrap version
13:40 CharlesBCalling debootstrap hardy /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir
13:40 CharlesBchroot: cannot run command `apt-get': No such file or directory
13:40 CharlesBCreating base.tgz
13:40 CharlesB/usr/sbin/make-fai-nfsroot: line 263: /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir/var/tmp/base.tgz: No such file or directory
13:40 CharlesBchroot: cannot run command `dpkg': No such file or directory
13:40 CharlesB/usr/sbin/make-fai-nfsroot: line 277: var/tmp/base-pkgs.lis: No such file or directory
13:40 CharlesB/usr/sbin/make-fai-nfsroot: line 290: etc/default/ntp-servers: No such file or directory
13:40 CharlesB/usr/sbin/make-fai-nfsroot: line 300: /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10fai: No such file or directory
13:40 CharlesBI newbie in linux
13:41 h01gerCharlesB, please use
13:41 istazCharlesB: run fai-setup -v
13:42 istazso you get a more insightful output
13:42 h01gerCharlesB, are you using the packages from the fai PPA or from ubuntu normal?
13:42 istazand give us the output via
13:42 CharlesBfrom ubunto normal
Action: h01ger thinks you want the packages from the PPA but i dont use ubuntu
13:43 istazI guess the debootstrap command probably failed if chroot cannot even find apt-get
13:44 istazyeah the package in the ppa are better
13:44 istazbut the stock one should work too, at least they did before
13:44 CharlesBsorry, but PPA stand for what
13:44 istazPersonnal Pack Archive
13:45 CharlesBok you mean from the fai web site
13:45 istazit's a place where developer can put their own package
13:45 istazCharlesB: no,
13:46 istazCharlesB: the packages in the ppa are more recent than those delivered with ubuntu
13:46 CharlesBdo I need to apt-get remove the installed one
13:47 istazno
13:47 istazjuste add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list
13:47 CharlesBthanks I will try the new package
13:47 istazdeb hardy main
13:47 istazthen update your distribution
13:48 istaz(apt-get update   apt-get upgrade)
13:48 istazand it should install the version from the PPA
13:49 istazbut your problem probably come from a wrongly configurer debootstrap
13:49 istazwhat do you have in your /etc/fai/make-nfsroot.conf?
13:49 CharlesBI will have a look
13:52 CharlesBI have the content of /etc/fai/make-nfsroot.conf do I need to send it using , and how?
13:53 istazyes just copy and paste it in the textbox click sent and give us the resulting url
13:53 CharlesB
13:54 istazit look alright
13:54 istazcan you run make-fai-nfsroot -v
13:54 CharlesBok I am upgrading at the moment
13:54 istazand paste us the output?
13:56 CharlesB
13:59 istazCharlesB: do you have direct access from the computer where you are running FAI or are you behind a proxy?
14:00 istazit seem like FAI cannot access the Ubuntu repository
14:01 CharlesBI am behind a proxy but Acquire::http::Proxy ""; is in apt.conf
14:03 CharlesBI thing it is working , I have added export http_proxy=http://192....
14:03 CharlesBwell spotted
14:05 CharlesBthanks istaz
14:09 istazyou're welcome
14:10 istazare you making an installation for an organisation or just as a hobby?
14:29 CharlesBfor an organisation
14:31 CharlesBthe goal , in the event of an OS  failure anybody can reinstall ubuntu or debian OS.
14:37 siretartCharlesB: are you doing this without root, under the supervision with selinux oder inside xen or something?
14:38 siretartoh, proxy issues.. hmm
14:38 CharlesBI am logged in as root
14:48 CharlesBif I change something in menu.lst , Do I have to run fai-setup again ? When Do I have to run FAI-setup again ?
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16:10 Genesis1971can you help with trains
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16:29 mludi42I am gettings errors when running fcopy with the -r option: "fcopy: no matching file for any class for etc/desktop-profiles/default.skel/.wine defined." .wine contains a tar file called WINDOWS_EMU which is a class that is defined for the install client and latter successfully copied by the WINDOWS_EMU class.
16:29 mludi42the command is "fcopy -r /etc/desktop-profiles"
16:30 oz__mludi42: on the install client, ist there an entry for this class?
16:30 mludi42and the recursive fcopy is not run for the WINDOWS_EMU class but for another clas
16:31 mludi42oz__: yes it shows up in the classes environment variable
16:32 oz__hm. i'm not 100% sure, but I think you could use the -c parameter with fcopy
16:32 mludi42i think the problem is the combination of fcopy -r and the fact that the path contains also tar files for which ftar is needed. so fcopy might not understand that this is a tar.
16:33 oz__like "fcopy -c WINDOWS_EMU -r /etc/desktop-profiles"
16:33 oz__but i don't know if "_" are supported in class names
16:33 mludi42_ is supported I use it all over
16:34 oz__'okay
16:35 oz__mludi42: does the variable $shell contain the class string, too?
16:35 mludi42no it is more like "fcopy -c OTHERCLASS -r /etc/desktop-profiles". the .wine is copied by the WINDOWS_EMU class using ftar.
16:36 oz__the copy is sucessful, right?
16:36 mludi42I do not see any variable clalled $shell only $SHELL which contains /bin/bash
16:36 oz__mludi42: the man page says so...
16:37 oz__it's thought case insenitive I guess
16:37 mludi42i think everything is alright but, the only thing is I get erros in the error log
16:37 oz__if everything works, so what
16:38 oz__if you want to supress the error, put some mock-file for any other class in the dir
16:38 oz__or do I misundersand you?
16:38 mludi42yes i think you misunderstand.
16:39 oz__what's the output of "ls -l  etc/desktop-profiles/default.skel/.wine"?
16:42 mludi42WINDOWS_EMU.tar.gz
16:42 oz__ls -l?
16:42 mludi42I have the files/etc/desktop-profiles dir which contains mixed tar and normal of various classes. and I think fcopy used in the class "OTHERCLASS" does not recognize that .wine/WINDOWS_EMU is a tar file that belongs to the class "WINDOWS_EMU" because the structure used for ftar and fcopy is different e.g.: for fcopy: /etc/motd/OTHERCLASS and for ftar: /etc/network/OTHERCLASS.tar.gz
16:42 oz__is that a directory?
16:43 mludi42-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 18460735 2008-06-16 17:19 WINDOWS_EMU.tar.gz
16:43 mludi42no it is a file
16:44 oz__mludi42: should be a directory with the name of the file
16:44 oz__the file should then contain this file, renamed to the class name of the assosiated class
16:45 mludi42what? man ftar, states that different in the examples
16:45 oz__so "mv  WINDOWS_EMU.tar.gz OLDWINDOWS_EMU.tar.gz; mkdir WINDOWS_EMU.tar.gz; mv OLDWINDOWS_EMU.tar.gz WINDOWS_EMU.tar.gz/WINDOWS_EMU" should do it.
16:46 oz__ah
16:47 oz__why you do fcopy, then?
16:48 oz__but as I look at it, funny thing
16:49 oz__the man page says you can put a file DEFAULT somewhere
16:49 oz__NOTES
16:49 oz__       Do  not  create  a  file DEFAULT if no reasonable default configuration
16:49 oz__       file can be used.  Its better to exit with an error than to extract  a
16:49 oz__       wrong archive.
16:49 oz__I hope I understood you right, now...:')
16:50 mludi42for one class I use fcopy -r for another class I use ftar on a subdirectory of the same path
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16:53 oz__as long as the installation works correctly, I'd not care...
16:53 oz__or did you mention another problem...?
16:54 mludi42I'm trying to put a "normal" class for fcopy in the same dir so it does not think no class defined
16:59 mludi42ah fcopy -r copies also files from other classes?
16:59 oz__ -c class[class]
16:59 oz__              Define  classes.  Multiple classes must be space separated.  The
16:59 oz__              first class has the lowest priority.  If not specified, use  the
16:59 oz__              classes from the file /tmp/FAI_CLASES.
17:00 oz__(honest, it's FAI_CLASSES) :-)
17:18 mludi42mhh I really dont know what the error was, I tried the things you suggested but nothing worked. It is curious because the same fcopy -r command works in another class without errors. now I use normal fcopy without -r.
17:30 mludi42ahhhh now I see the error! it did not have to do with the ftar thing at all. I wanted to copy a file with the following path files/etc/desktop-profiles/SOMECLASS.profile/SOMECLASS. (SOMECLASS is name of my organization so i use it in various places). fcopy -r did not show this error but normal fcopy did.
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