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11:49 snoophi
11:50 Mrfaihi
11:50 snoopmrfai you know parameter for disk_config options ?
11:52 snoopi try to use the preserve directive on a win partition but is not working perfectly, the flag of ntfs partition desapear and the partition size change, have an idea?
11:53 snoopi use this options "primary - preserve0 "
11:55 snoopthe orginal size of partition is 4GB and after fai disk_config the new size become 8gb
11:56 Mrfaiis must not happen that the partition size changes if you use preserve. But I think p[reserve1 would be the correct syntax, ther is not partition which has number 0 IMO.
12:02 snoopok, i suppose i do a bad thing  because when i choose preserve1, the  disk_config stop
12:35 eartoast_Mrfai: when do you merge my copyright header bugfixes? this should be done until the lenny release.
12:36 eartoast_fai workshop will be too late to discuss this.
12:39 MrfaiWhy too late? I want to discuss this on the workshop as I wrote in my mail.
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13:18 h01gerMrfai, warum nicht einfach tgz's in ftar unterstützen? der code müßte doch derselbe sein wie bei tar.gz's, oder?
13:20 Mrfaija hab ich auch kurz ueberlegt. Aber in der Doku steht eben das tar.gz unterstuetzt ist. so war es einfacher nur den Code zu aendern. ISt aber ne berechtigte Frage, ob man nicht beides unterstuetzen sollte.
Action: h01ger denkt schon. muss halt die doku angepasst werden.. dauert doch nur genausolange wie diese unterhaltung :)
13:59 MrfaiMmm. default aufs module for 2.6.24 does not supprt NFS branch :-(
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18:03 snoopi wrote for a preserve disk problem, on my configuration the first parition is a windows ntfs, when i wrote in disk_config "- preserve1 ;ntfs" fai try to alowed all space on the disk for this partition, if i add " - preserve1- " fai modify the partiton tag in linux and modify the size, anybody know this problem and issue?
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