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09:30 h01gereartoast, todays (wie immer auch den alt-text beachten... :)
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10:48 eartoasth01ger: nich schlecht ;)
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13:19 mcarvalhIn the fai guide, under section 4.2, it says that "The PXE environment uses the original kernel image copied to /srv/tftp/fai/vmlinux-install. How come I do not see this file or folder on my FAI server?
13:20 mcarvalhIm wondering if this is a typo, or if I'm not getting the kernel file
13:20 mcarvalhI only see /srv/tftp/fai, which does have kernel images
13:23 torkelit is a file, and make-fai-nfsroot should copy it to the tftp-root
13:28 mcarvalhhmm, i wonder why its not getting created then
13:29 mcarvalhdoes it exist in FAI 3.2.6?
13:39 Mrfaino in FAI 3.2 vmlinux-install is not used any more. Now we use vmlinuz-2.6.18-6-686 and initrd.img-2.6.18-6-686 for example
13:49 h01gerso where is the bug? (as in, of course this could be documented, but shouldnt that work fully automatic?)
13:49 mcarvalhahh, ok. that clears it up
13:50 mcarvalhive been trying lenny fai (currently 3.2.6) and now im just stuck at the unionfs problem
13:50 h01geruse aufs instead
13:51 h01gerand then send a wishlist bug (against fai-doc) documenting how you did it
13:51 h01ger:)
13:51 mcarvalhheh
13:54 mcarvalhis that the direction FAI is looking to use. switch to aufs instead?
13:54 h01geryes
13:55 h01gerat least that was what Mrfai and me discussed on linuxtag :)
13:58 Mrfaiyes aufs will replace unionfs.
13:58 mcarvalhis there anywhere i can see the changes that are to go into the newer version of fai-doc?
13:58 Mrfaithere's a fai-commit mailing list
13:58 mcarvalhie. the newest one i see is only updated to FAI 3.2.1
14:03 Mrfaiinstead of sending a wishlist bug against the fai-doc, it's better to send me a patch for this part that is not up-to-date in the documentation
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15:12 h01gerMrfai, a wishlist bug == a mail to you, with the added benefit of tracking :)
15:13 h01gerhm, can i use a hook to define a class which has a higher priority than $hostname?
15:17 Mrfaih01ger: Yes, you can (IIRC). you can redefine all variable in the *.var files, so you can also redefine $classes and $cfclass (and tweak FAI_CLASSES). But I would never do that. It's ugly.
15:19 h01gerhm. maybe then this the opportunity to switch to git based config dirs
15:20 h01geri (now) have two groups of machines with the same hostnames, and use $hostname files quite a bit..
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