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09:53 rootshi
09:53 rootsi'm trying to setup fai, but i'm getting an error when i run fai-setup:
09:53 rootsW: Failure trying to run: chroot /data/fai/nfsroot mount -t proc proc /proc
09:53 rootsAborting
09:54 rootsany idea what the cause of this might be?
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09:55 stockholmroots: are you root?
09:56 rootswhoami
09:56 rootsroot
09:56 h01gerdoes "chroot /data/fai/nfsroot" work?
09:57 Mrfaitry fai-setup -v and paste the output to
09:57 rootsnot acutally, i'm getting:
09:57 rootschroot /data/fai/nfsroot/
09:57 rootschroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory
09:58 rootsthere you go:
09:59 h01geryou're chroot is broken
09:59 Mrfaia broken mirror
10:00 Mrfaior you /data partition is mounted with nosuid
10:02 rootsrecreating the mirror
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10:08 roots/data is mounted with "defaults"
10:17 Mrfairoots: try with an official mirror
10:20 rootsMrfai: ahh, looks way better now. thanks for pointing me to the fact that the mirror is broken! i didn't actually check if the mirror is allright...
11:01 roots any clue on this?
11:25 rootsas far as i understand this, fai is looking for an entry that's not existant.
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11:49 h01gerroots, looks that mirror is broken too. try a different one
11:50 rootsh01ger, thanks for answering
12:18 rootshm, changed the mirror to, but i'm still getting the error:
12:27 oz__roots: try
12:37 rootsstill same error. it's working when i remove "etch-proposed-updates" from /etc/fai/apt/sources.list
12:42 rootsthat's ok for me...
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13:35 ajfAnybody successfully used fai for a client using the bnx2 network chipset?
14:08 Mrfaiplease do not commit something into the svn currently. I will do the cleanup of our svn directory now
14:31 ajfIs it possible to use apt-pinning during fai-setup?  For example, if I want to install a debian sid kernel into an otherwise debian etch nfsroot?
14:33 MrfaiThere may be problems when usinf a kernel from sid with the libc from etch.
14:37 ajfdoh!
14:37 h01gerMrfai, really?
14:37 h01gerIME not for normal usage, maybe when building modules
14:39 ajfMy install client is a Dell PowerEdge 1950 and its prooving a real PITA
14:40 ajfit hangs indefinately when trying to mount the NFSROOT.
14:41 ajfIf I try a newer kernel, the kernel has been stripped of the Broadcom (eth0) firmware
14:44 Mrfaih01ger: I have no experiences with kernel from sid, I just tried once to install it, but it depends on newer libc versions.
Action: h01ger quite often used sid kernels
14:45 h01gerwithout problems
14:47 Mrfaibackported sid kernels, or plain from sid repository?
14:47 h01gerplain
14:52 ajfisn't it recommending rather than depending a new libc?
15:05 Mrfaisvn cleanup is completed
15:22 h01gerdas gehört nicht ins debian/changelog :)
15:31 Mrfaiok, kann ich rausnehmen
15:32 h01geres tut auch nicht wirklich weh.. aber ;)
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17:14 ajfMy fai installer isn't booting properly.
17:15 ajf section 4.9.1
17:15 ajfI get dropped into the busybox shell as described
17:16 ajflooking at live.log, I have 'Mounting unionfs on /root failed: No such device'
17:17 Mrfaimaybe an nfs problem. use the nfs-kernel-server, not the user space server
17:17 ajfalready using
17:18 ajfSERVER:srv/fai/nfsroot is mounted on /live/image
17:19 ajfbut the config dir hasn't been mounted anywhere
17:21 Mrfaimounting config is done afer the nfsroot is mounted. I think you nfsroot is not mounted
17:22 ajfmount says that it is
17:22 ajfls /live/image says that it is :)
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17:23 ajfwhere's the script that does the mounting kept?
17:25 MrfaiSo, what is you problem?
17:26 ajfshouldn't something a bit more exiting happen than just being dropped into a busybox shell?
17:28 Mrfaiif you are dropped into a busybox shell, the nfsroot is not mounted or not mounted corretly.
17:28 Mrfaiwhat does cat /proc/cmdline says?
17:30 ajfinitrd=initrd.img-2.6.22-3-686 ip=dhcp rootdelay=30 root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/srv/fai/nfsroot boot=live FAI_FLAGS=verbose,sshd,createvt FAI_ACTION=install BOOT_IMAGE=vmlinuz-2.6.22-3-686
17:30 ajfPS I've got a really lame graphical terminal console (Dell DRAC5) in which I can't copy and paste
17:31 ajfmoutn
17:31 ajfignore that - focus in wrong window :(
17:32 Mrfaiyour cmdline looks good
17:33 Mrfaiappend the strings debug, then you should get more verbose messages of the initrd when mounting
17:34 ajfok, rebooting now
17:35 ajfthanks for your help BTW.  Its taken me ages to even get this far today.
17:38 Mrfaiajf: your welcome
17:39 ajfstill 'mount: Mounting unionfs on /root failed: No such device'
17:40 Mrfaido you see the mount request on your nfs server? is the network device enable on your install client?
17:40 ajfthe nfsroot does mount
17:41 ajfbut the unionfs mount then fails
17:42 ajf
17:42 ajfsee screenshot
17:43 ajfperhaps its just the kernel I'm using?
17:48 Mrfaithere are problems with unionfs and newer kernels. Wait..
17:48 ajfor maybe the version of initramfs-tools I used
17:48 Mrfai
17:49 Mrfai
17:49 Mrfaitry to switch to aufs (another unionfs)
17:49 ajfI think I can go back to using 2.6.18, but I need newer initramfs-tools and/or klibc for the system to boot at all
17:49 ajfbefore upgrading those, the boot sequence just hung at mounting root fs
17:50 Mrfaiwhich hardware do you have?
17:51 ajfpoweredge 1950
17:51 ajfwith Broadcom bnx2 chipset
17:51 ajfhence how I ended up using the odd kernel version
17:52 ajfhaving had no luck with 2.6.18, I tried kernels from lenny and then sid.  Unfortunately, they don't ship with any bnx2 firmware.
17:52 ajf2.6.22 from sid Dec2007 does though.
17:53 ajfhowever, after messing around with different kernel versions all day, the system still didn't boot
17:53 ajfWith help from #debian-kernel, the problem was eventually put down to buggy initramfs-tools and/or klibc
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17:54 ajfso I've upgraded them to the versions in sid at the end of last year.  This has gotten me further, but now I've hit another problem.
17:54 ajfIt looks as if I might be able to start over with stock etch kernel and backported initramfs-tools/klibc
17:55 ajfbut for now, I have to go home.
17:55 ajfThanks for the help though
17:55 ajfI've got a way forward to try in the morning
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17:59 Mrfaitomorrow is a day of in (parts of) germany, so I will not be there.
17:59 MrfaiI don't think the version of klibc or initramfs-tools is a problem.
17:59 ajfwell wish me luck then! :)  
18:00 ajfand enjoy your day off.
18:00 Mrfaiunionfs might be the problem. I will replace it with aufs soon
18:00 ajfit certainly didn't boot at all until I replaced them
18:01 ajfThe #debian-kernel folks recalled problems relating to nfsroots with klibc/initramfs-tools
18:02 ajfIf the IRC of #debian-kernel is logged anyway, you might want take a quick look through it.
18:02 ajfBut don't look to much as they give fai a bit of a slaging off! :)
18:03 ajfTTFN
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--- Thu May 22 2008

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