00:02 wraithNot sure it is a mounting issue. it is complaining about error inserting unionfs
00:12 h01gerah
00:12 h01gerthen its a unionfs issue :)
00:12 h01gerwhich kernel are you using?
00:13 h01geryou need the unionfs modules package for that kernel
00:13 h01gerand i need to go bed now, it's 2:13 am here...
00:13 h01geri think unionsfs modules are provided by the linux-modules-extra(-$version) packaga
00:14 h01gergood luck :) +please report back. either here or on the list
00:16 wraith2.6.24-1
00:16 wraithI'll check into that thanks.
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09:37 h01gerMT, hi! have you checked your code with perl 5.10 already?
09:40 MTnope
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09:45 h01ger.oO( na dann gute nacht :)
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10:32 ajfHi
10:33 ajfI've been trying to use the new setup-storage script from svn
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10:35 ajfThe installation seems to go alright, but the installed system doesn't boot
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10:41 ajfIs it me, or is the script broken at the moment?
10:41 h01gerajf, you will need to provide more information, like error message or logfiles, our crystal ball is in repair :)
10:41 h01gerusually setup-storage works..
10:41 h01gerajf, paste.debian.net is a good place to post logfiles
10:41 h01geror the mailinglist
10:42 ajffair point :)  The boot fails with 'waiting for root filesystem'
10:43 h01gerwhich kernel version?
10:43 h01gerwhich distro?
10:43 h01gerlvm?
10:43 h01gerscsi, pata, sata?
10:43 h01geras said, the crystal ball is broken..
10:44 ajfSorry, I was just looking for the specific details...
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10:44 ajfIts LVM that seems to be the problem
10:44 ajfI'm using the 'Simple LVM example' from the wiki page ATM
10:44 h01gerwhich distro? which kernel version?
10:45 ajfEtch with the fai 3.2.5 on amd64
10:46 h01gerand 2.6.18?
10:47 ajfumm... I guess so.  Would that be the default?  Lemme just reboot and check ...
10:47 h01ger2.6.18 is the default
10:48 ajf2.6.18-6-amd64
10:48 h01gerMT, do you have any idea what could be wrong?
10:49 ajfIt eventually times out and drops into the busybox ash shell
10:50 ajfI'm guessing the initrd is missing some kernel modules?
10:51 ajfI'll double check, but I don't think I've got a /dev/mapper directory
10:52 MTno idea thus far
10:52 h01gerare you using latest setup-storage? there have been some changes recently
10:52 ajfyes.
10:52 h01gerajf, are the lvm modules loaded in the initramfs?
10:53 MTajf, if you've been following the howto on the wiki page, you should have got lots of debug output
10:53 ajfI spent hours last Friday not even getting the install to work before I noticed that the scripts were in a state of flux ...
10:53 MTThus, if you could paste your fai.log, that would be very very helpful
Nick change: fai-guy_ -> fai-guy
10:55 ajfabout that.  One thing I haven't set up correctly yet is remote logging to the fai-server :(
10:55 ajfI can sort that out and have another go.
10:55 MTwell, if you just give it another go, could probably copy off the file via scp or the like
10:55 MTafter all, we don't need the package install thingy
10:56 MTone more point
10:56 MTdid you take care of the part written in bold face?
10:56 MTand add lvm2 to one of your client classes as well
10:57 MT(in the first entry in the list of steps to take care of)
10:57 ajfI added lvm2 to the end of package_config/FAIBASE
10:58 MTok, that should be fine
10:58 ajflemme double check the nfsroot ...
10:59 ajfyep, I've justed chrooted in and all the extra packages specified on the wiki page are installed
11:00 MTok, that's fine for the nfsroot
11:00 MTbut we need to check that for the client as well
11:00 MTbut as soon as you can provide the fai.log, we'll do that
11:01 ajfyeah, I'm with you on that.  It might take me a few moments though.  One last thing to check would be the presense of the lvm kernel modules in the initrd
11:02 MTyes, but again this affects only the initrd on the client
11:05 ajfI see your point.  I'll try and get that log file.  Meanwhile, there is no /lib/modules/2.6.18-6-amd64/kernel/drivers/md directory on the client initrd.  I'm guessing if all had gone well there would have been
11:08 MThmm, yes:
11:08 MTbear:/tmp/initrd# ls lib/modules/2.6.18-6-xen-amd64/kernel/drivers/md/
11:08 MTdm-mirror.ko  dm-mod.ko  dm-snapshot.ko
11:15 ajfI'm a bit confused setting LOGUSER in /etc/fai/fai.conf.  The wiki says the logs are written to /var/log/fai/$hostname, but the fai.conf says the user will need write permission to /srv/tftp/fai
11:16 MTwell, depending on what shall be done...
11:16 MTfai-chboot will be called to disable (yet another) PXE boot for the client
11:16 MTthus /srv/tftp/fai
11:16 ajfoh ok
11:16 MTbut the log files will be copied to /var/log/...
11:24 ajfright, another install is under way and all being well I should get the logs this time.  Assuming I haven't messed up somewhere :)
11:27 ajfwhich I obviously have :(
11:28 ajfAfter editing fai.conf do I need to rebuild the nfsroot?
11:29 MTwell, not really
11:30 MTcould might just want to copy fai.conf into the nfsroot
11:32 ajfcheers.  I'll try and engage my brain a bit more from now on! :)
11:37 ajfok.  I've got a log file.  It didn't quite end up where I thought it would though!
11:37 ajfIt ended up in /home/fai/hostname
11:37 ajfI also had to enter a password on the install client
11:38 MTso probably you'd need to change the home directory of the fai user
Action: MT does not use central logging for FAI, so pretty much no idea about that
11:39 ajfmore of a problem though is the fai.log contains about 10 or so lines
11:43 MThuh?
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11:43 MTthat's not terribly much...
11:46 ajfyeah, I seem to have broken something when copying /etc/fai/fai.conf onto  the nfsroot
11:51 ajfit would appear that running fai-setup doesn't just copy the fai.conf, but also appends a FAI_CONFIG_SRC line
11:53 ajfwhich would explain the "Error: Provide the URL to obtain the fai config storage in $FAI_CONFIG_SRC" line in my otherwise unimpressive fai.log
11:57 ajfrebuilding the nfsroot also fixed the needing to enter a password for the remote logging
12:01 ajfwhere should I post the fai.log file to?  Is there anything else I can provide?
12:02 h01gerpaste.debian.net
12:04 ajfhttp://paste.debian.net/2677/
12:05 ajfMy eventual aim is to setup up LVM on top of RAID1, but I thought I'd start with the simplest setup-storage example I could find
12:06 MTyeah, indeed :-)
12:06 MThmm, you've got
12:06 MTFAI_FLAGS: v
12:06 ajfI'm off to grab a sandwich.  Thanks for your help.  I'll be back in about 15 mins
12:06 MTthat should be verbose
12:06 MTnot just v
12:06 ajfI could postpone that sandwich trip though ...
12:07 MT:-)
12:08 ajfI haven't touched FAI_FLAGS
12:09 MTah, and please add
12:09 MTexport debug=1 to one of the scripts in class/
12:09 MTlike FAIBASE.var
12:11 ajffai-chboot is setting FAI_FLAGS to v
12:12 ajfcorrection
12:12 ajfi am when running fai-chboot -Ifv hostname
12:13 ajfI think the fai guide needs updating.  But maybe that's what you get from being impatient! :) http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/fai-guide/ch-impatient.html
12:14 MTprobably that should read -lFv
12:14 MT-IFv
12:14 ajfmy bad
12:14 MTyou might have been too impatient :-)
12:15 MTso it's an uppercase i
12:15 MTan uppercase f
12:15 MTand a lowercase v
12:15 MTIFv
12:17 ajfI've fixed that and added debug=1 to the end of FAIBASE.var
12:18 ajfA new install is in progress
12:18 MTok, then go and grab your sandwich :-)
12:20 h01gersudo make me a sandwhich
12:24 MT*** No rule to make target
12:24 ajfhttp://paste.debian.net/2680/
12:24 h01gertssss
12:24 h01gerMT, fix your makefile, then :)
12:24 ajfyou're right about the sandwich
12:25 ajfbrb
12:25 ajf:)
12:26 MTh01ger, yeah, seems to be missing something
12:27 MTprobably /dev/fridge is not mounted
12:27 MTajf, could you try 2 things:
12:28 MTfirst, is dm-mod.ko and the like still missing in the initrd?
12:28 MTif so, try running chroot /target update-initramfs -k all -u
12:28 MTon the client
12:28 MTseems like the lvm2 postinst is run after mkinitramfs
13:03 ajfDo I have to do anything special to get a console on the client?
13:07 MTyou might need to add createvt to the FAI_FLAGS
13:07 MTin case -IFv doesn't do that anyway
13:07 MTyou could also add sshd to the flags
13:08 MTI'll be offline now for some hours or so
13:08 MTit would be cool if you could tell me about your progress at tautschn@model.in.tum.de
13:09 ajfdoh.  Well thanks for your help.  My sandwich was good, but I'd wish I'd postponed it for longer! :)
13:09 MTas it seems like we need to take care of some more things when integrating setup-storage, which should happen soon
13:10 MTajf, maybe running update-initramfs solves your issues
13:10 MT(hopefully :-) )
13:10 ajfI'll find out in about 3 mins time
13:10 MTif this is the case, or whatever else is to be blamed: it would be nice if you could tell me later on
13:11 ajfsure thing, I'll let you know
13:11 MTI think I need to leave in a few secs, I'll be back online tomorrow at the latest
13:12 ajffair enough, I'll drop you an email.  Thanks again
13:14 ajfupdate-initramfs run, rebooting now ...
13:15 ajf:)
13:16 ajfThat works
13:16 MThey, cool :-)
13:16 MTmounting your root-fs ok?
13:16 ajfyeah, whole system boots.
13:16 MTok, so you might just want to add the update-initramfs call to one of your scripts!
13:17 MTI'll note that and we'll have this in the examples once setup-storage gets integrated into mainline
13:17 MTthanks for testing this!
13:17 MTwell, then, have fun with the raid+LVM setup :-)
13:18 MTI'm pretty sure that we'll encounter some troubles there
13:18 MTit's just too untested
13:18 ajfno problems.  Thanks for helping out.  I'm gonna try RAID + LVM later
13:18 MTbut we'll get to fix this here online in the next days if you wish
13:18 MTgood luck!
13:18 ajfI'm not trying to keep any existing partitions so it might work out fine
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14:40 ajfI've got a query regarding fai-chboot, anybody here know much about it or used it in anger?
14:49 ajfnevermind, I think I just figured it out
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22:47 Irinixokay stupid question from someone who's having problems getting fai to find the debian mirror, is there a way to tell it to look for a non network source, say...A CD-Rom?
22:50 istazIrinix: you can try using file:///media/cdrom
22:51 istazIrinix: is it having trouble finding it during the client installation or the nfsroot construction?
22:51 IrinixIts not getting to nfs root construction so I'm assuming it's the client install
22:51 Irinixgranted my network infrastrucure is kind of hobbled together here in my bedroom, so it might be in the network that its getting lost.
22:52 IrinixI'm a hobbiest using literally decade old machines and a hub from I don't know when.
22:54 istazyou are supposed to create a nfsroot on your server before installing on any client, unless you are using the fai-cd
22:54 Irinixwhy do I feel your palm hitting your forehead as you say that to me?  
22:56 istazdamn I'm demasked
22:56 Irinixits okay, I use that same tone of text when I'm answering a windows question for someone.
22:58 Irinixso I probably deserved it.
22:58 istazwell it's not like I'm a fai expert either
22:59 istazso are you using the fai-cd from the website ? otherwhise which method are you using?
22:59 Irinixfai boot floppies
23:00 Irinixmy hardware is just old enough to not support cd-rom booting
23:00 Irinixor network booting for that matter
23:00 Irinixso I was going to put the debian installs together on CD and boot fai from floppy looking for that cd
23:01 istazwow, you really are using old hardware
23:02 Irinixindeed.  Mostly early Pentium one dells
23:04 istaztrouble is that with recent version of fai and kernel, the kernel doesn't fit anymore on a floppy
23:04 istazbut what you will probably want to do first is : apt-get install fai-server
23:04 Irinixouch, may need to update my fai
23:04 IrinixDid that
23:04 istazthen configure you /etc/fai/make-nfs-root.conf and fai.conf
23:05 istazand then run : fai-setup
23:05 Irinixall the fai installs on my server are done, with the exception of (that I didn't realize till you pointed it out) the NFS root
23:06 istazoh and copy the exemple script in /usr/share/doc to your fai configuration space (usually /srv/fai/ or something like that)
23:06 istazIrinix: but how did you manage to create a bootfloppy without the nfs root?
23:07 istazI thought it didn't allow you to do that
23:07 IrinixIDK.  It's been a while since I've had time to work on this project, and I had a disk sitting on my desk labeled "Fai Boot Floppy"
23:09 Irinixwhich would be why I'm having problems I'm assuming.  =/
23:10 istazI just thought about something, but to avoid the need to create a fai boot floppy (and making a fitting kernel) you shoud probably use a floppy to boot via PXE
23:10 istazhttp://rom-o-matic.net/ may be a good place to find that
23:11 IrinixI know I have that kicking around somewhere.
23:11 istazbut I never tried PXE myself
23:11 Irinixand I even think I saw mention of it in the FAI faiq
23:11 istazyes it's probably in it
23:12 istazyou should look at the fai guide on the website, it's useful
23:13 istazand they have a quickstart chapter > http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/fai-guide/ch-impatient.html
--- Tue May 13 2008

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