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15:52 mikap# dpkg -L fai-client | xargs grep Target
15:52 mikap/usr/sbin/fai:  echo "Target directroy is mounted using nosuid or nodev. Aborting"
15:52 mikap=> s/directroy/directory/ :)
15:55 h01ger~/Projects/fai/svn/trunk$ svn ci -m "fix typo noted by mikap" bin/fai
15:55 h01gerSende          bin/fai
15:55 h01gerÜbertrage Daten .
15:55 h01gerRevision 4896 übertragen.
15:55 h01gerthanks :)
15:56 mikap/usr/sbin/fai: line 227: local: can only be used in a function
15:56 mikapTarget directroy is mounted using nosuid or nodev. Aborting
15:56 mikap3.2.5 causes headaches ;)
15:56 mikaph01ger: thx too :)
15:56 h01gerplease file bugs :)
15:57 mikapwill do
15:58 h01gerare you using perl 5.10?
15:58 mikapno, v5.8.8 on etch
16:14 mikapfiled #480685, JFYI
16:15 mikapare the 3.2.4 packages still available somewhere?
16:15 mikapah - http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/f/fai/
17:16 h01gersnapshot.debian.net
17:16 h01germikap, ^
17:24 mikaph01ger: oh, wasn't aware of the fact that fai is on sdn as well, thx :)
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17:43 IrinixMorning all
17:46 IrinixI have a couple quick questions about fai, firstly is there a way to implement it without a local debian mirror?  My main node doesn't have the diskspace for the mirror, but is set up as a gateway.  I've read through one faq and didn't find any information and I am currently googling the subject.
17:46 h01geri'd recommend using a proxy then. but its not needed. just access to a mirror on the net is enough
17:48 Irinixthanks.  
17:49 h01geryou're welcome :)
19:17 stockholmhi
19:18 stockholmcan fcopy do links, too?
19:19 stockholmi mean, copy links and if the link changed, run postinst?
19:41 stockholmh01ger: there?
19:43 h01gerhi
19:43 h01gerhi stockholm
19:44 stockholmh01ger: :-)
19:44 stockholmh01ger: kann man in files auch symbolische links haben?
19:44 stockholmich habe jetzt für munin sowas hier:
19:44 stockholmAdding         munin/plugins
19:44 stockholmAdding         munin/plugins/ipt_accounting_eth0
19:44 stockholmAdding         munin/plugins/ipt_accounting_eth0/SPOTIFY
19:44 stockholmAdding         munin/plugins/ipt_accounting_eth0/postinst
19:45 stockholmalso beim einchecken in svn
19:45 stockholmaber da kann man nicht shen dass munin/plugins/ipt_accounting_eth0/SPOTIFY ein link ist...
19:45 stockholmlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 15 2008-05-11 21:24 plugins/ipt_accounting_eth0/SPOTIFY -> ipt_accounting_
19:46 stockholmder hätte auch nach ../ipt_accounting zeigen sollen...
19:46 stockholmwie macht man sowas?
19:47 stockholmich möchte gerne fcopy benutzen um dann in dessen postinst munin-node restarten zu können wenn der link neu ist.
19:48 stockholmwobei es kool wäre wenn der nur einmal neu gestartet würde wenn sich im ganzen munin verzeichnisbaum was getan hat
19:48 stockholmcool
19:50 h01gerwas isn schlecht an munin-node restarten/reloaden?
19:50 h01germach doch die links mitm script
19:50 stockholmh01ger: ja, das werde ich machen weil es so nicht geht. :-)
19:52 stockholmh01ger: es wäre cool wenn ein dienst bei vielen änderungen nur einmal neu gestartet wird, nicht dutzende von malen.
19:53 h01gerich restarte munin in scripts/LAST/irgendwo
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22:05 stockholmh01ger: pauschal, auch wenns vielleicht nicht nötig ist? ... das ist tatächlich eine lösung.
22:05 stockholmdas kann man ja auch mit reload bei anderen services machen.
22:05 h01gerdpkg -l munin-node || exit 0
22:06 h01geram anfang
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23:43 wraithis there anyone using fai with debian lenny?
23:50 h01germaybe you? :)
Action: h01ger only with etch
23:51 wraithI went to lenny because it was failing on etch and I was able to at least complete the config on lenny
Action: h01ger is interested to get it work with lenny
23:54 wraiththe problem I am having is when the client boots. it only gets as far as mounting the root file system. then it just drops you to the initramfs shell. pretty much like page 21 of the docs
23:57 h01gercan you mount the nfsroot manually?
--- Mon May 12 2008

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