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10:37 mludi42I am just thinking, i have written a ln -s in my script files to link to the ldap.conf. this works fine in a softupdate. but i am not sure if this links correctly when installed because I used the ${target} variable.
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10:47 mludi42ah, I guess something like: ln -s ldap.conf ${target}/etc/libnss-ldap-conf should work
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11:51 joDoes FAI support incremental updates of the clients, i.e. run apt-get upgrade on each client? How are the clients maintained with FAI? What happens after the installation?
11:59 MrfailFAI softupda is a incremental update. If you only like to run apt-get update; ... upgrade, you can do it with a small script on your own. You also have to decide by yourself when to run such a script. Via cron, or only on a reboot, or oush from a central server? It's your decission how to do this, FAI will not force you to use a certain methed.
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13:19 d_v_lHi folks. I have two NICs on my fai-clients. Both NICs are served by DHCP. Unfortunately when starting the fai-boot the wrong interface gets dhcp-ed. Since there are a lot of different servers, I cannot realy control, which interface asks at first for DHCP. Is there any workaround or solution for controlling this?
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13:49 mcarvalhIn live.log upon booting my FAI client, I get the message "mount: Mounting unionfs on /root failed: No such device", even after compiling in UFS support
13:49 mcarvalhthis is with FAI version 3.2.4 on a Lenny server
13:51 mcarvalhDoes ufs support need to be built into the kernel that exists within my NFS root, or just in the kernel which I use to boot my client via PXE?
13:52 MrfaiAFAIK ufs is not unionfs
13:53 mcarvalhreally...ok
13:54 mcarvalhthat would explain it then, looks like i need to patch my kernel. I will try that. Thanks
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15:16 mcarvalhyeah! that did it...im finally booting a Lenny client from FAI 3.2.4
15:17 mcarvalhso things I've learned that bogged me down...the boot kernel needs root_nfs support and unionfs support built into it, and in my test case, and pcnet32 network driver for my vmware clients
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16:13 stockholmeartoast: where is IPADDR set running softupdates?
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16:34 Mrfaimaybe nowhere, because normally IPADDR is set by DHCP, which may not be called during softupdate
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17:21 d_v_lNachdem heute nachmittag keiner geantwortet hat, traue ich mich einfach mal, meine Frage nochmal zu stellen...
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17:22 d_v_lIch habe auf den Clients zwei NICs, die via DHCP versorgt werden. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, zu steuern, welche NIC als erstes via DHCP versorgt wird?
17:23 d_v_lSobald die sog. zweite die IP bekommt, mach FAI Probleme (Config-Dir und NFSROOT)
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19:07 mcarvalhI'm getting the following error when my Lenny client attempts to mount its mirror
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19:07 mcarvalhCan't set permissions on mtab: Operation not permitted
19:08 MTare you sure that unionfs is working?
19:08 mcarvalhHowever, I can manually mount it if i call mount -n -o nolock...is this a bug in FAI 3.2.4?
19:08 MTnot a known one, at least
19:08 mcarvalhi was looking at http://layer-acht.org/fai-irc/fai.log.20070925.html, which looks like a similar problem mounting the config dir
19:08 MTdoes something like touch /bla work?
19:09 mcarvalhi can make directories files etc and mount my debian mirror from the fai client after it drops me to the shell, yes
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19:11 mcarvalhi imagine i can fix it by setting my mount options for task_mirror, but im not sure where to do so
19:12 MTit might be worth bringing this up on the fai mailinglist
19:12 MTjust in case you don't get immediate help here
19:12 MT(I'm on the leave, will be back online in 30mins or so)
19:12 mcarvalhok, not a problem, i might post tomorrow if Mrfai is on
19:19 mcarvalhi also signed up on the mailing list. thanks for the suggestion
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19:58 mcarvalhfwiw, i had to add the option -n to romountopt in my nfsroot
19:59 mcarvalhso no /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir/etc/init.d/rcS has the following line changed:
19:59 mcarvalhso now*
19:59 mcarvalhexport romountopt="-n -o async,noatime,nolock,ro,actimeo=1800"
20:01 MT_hmmm
20:01 MT_-n is already used for getting the config space
20:01 MT_so only the mirror is still affected
20:02 MT_ok, this is a bug
20:02 MT_mcarvalh, would you mind filing a bug report?
20:03 mcarvalhok, this will be my first :)
20:04 MT_say that -n must be added to the mount command in task_mirror
20:04 MT_just as is done in get-config-dir-nfs
20:04 MT_and tag it "patch"
20:04 mcarvalhis that the correct place i should add this option, or is there a more approprate place for it, (e.g something equivalent to get_config_dir_nfs)
20:04 mcarvalhwhere is task_mirror located?
20:04 MT_to me it seems to be most appropriate
20:04 MT_in subroutines-linux
20:05 MT_that is /usr/lib/fai/subroutines-linux
20:05 mcarvalhok, thanks
20:05 MT_in get-config-dir-nfs it says something like mount -n $romountopt
20:05 MT_in task_mirror that -n is simply missing :-)
20:06 MT_it was added to get-config-dir-nfs only very recently
20:06 MT_so just nobody had stumbled upon it yet ...
20:07 mcarvalhheh, glad to be the first
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20:08 MT_but even cooler that you already have the fix ready :-)
20:08 BarryAllenhi all
20:08 MT_hi :-)
20:08 BarryAllenim installing 3.2.35... but im missing the KERNELPACKAGE variable in the config files... is that deprecated ?
20:08 MT_.35 doesn't exist (yet) ...
20:09 BarryAllen(im using the cvs fai-source branch)
20:09 MT_:-)
20:09 BarryAllenops, sorry :)
20:09 MT_yes, it is no longer there
20:09 BarryAllenMT_, where is it now?
20:09 MT_the kernel is now simply installed via apt
20:09 MT_thus you need to modify /etc/fai/NFSROOT
20:09 BarryAllennice :)
20:10 BarryAllentks MT_ !
20:10 MT_in case you need to do so, at all
20:27 mcarvalhhmm, so if i submit a bug report from my older etch box, it autofills the version of FAI as 3.1.8 in my report...can i just edit that line?
20:27 MT_yes, just do so
20:27 MT_The only essential lines are
20:27 stockholmMT_: you work on setup-storage again?
20:27 MT_Package: fai
20:27 MT_Version: 3.2.4
20:27 stockholmMT_: i was installing the newest version the other day
20:27 MT_Tags: patch
20:27 MT_( :-) )
20:27 stockholmand it did not work
20:28 MT_well, first I started using it myself
20:28 stockholmi fixed some obvious bugs on the way to get it to compile but there came more and more
20:28 MT_then I did some hacking
20:28 MT_which SVN version?
20:28 stockholmi am using it too
20:28 stockholmthat was head yesterday or the day before
20:28 MT_I fixed some bugs in 4871 just yesterday
20:28 MT_ah, ok :-)
20:28 MT_I had integrated the encryption thingy
20:29 MT_I think r4872 should be ok again
20:29 stockholmneat
20:29 MT_but in case there are still any errors, I'm ready to fix them here and now :-)
20:30 stockholmi could not reach you when i had the problems so i went back to a known good version
20:30 stockholmi will come back and try it again soon
20:31 MT_I've been mostly off  IRC as I was pretty busy setting up the new system
20:32 MT_in case I don't respond more or less immediately, just drop me an email, be it PM or via the list
20:34 stockholmgreat, will do
20:34 stockholm"the new system" sounds like i could know what you mean. what is it?
20:35 MT_our group has moved to TU Darmstadt
20:35 MT_packed my SVN from Munich
20:35 MT_reworked the necessary bits
20:35 MT_upgrade to latest SVN-FAI
20:35 MT_and reinstalled :-)
20:35 stockholmok
20:35 stockholm:-)
20:36 stockholmso you moved house from munich to darmstadt, too?
20:36 MT_well, I had been sharing a flat back in in MUC, moved into a new flat here
20:37 MT_but moving those things took even longer than moving the system :-)
20:39 stockholmsure... then finding friends and stuff takes years
20:39 MT_well, currently I'm doing hardly anything else than working
20:41 stockholmgee. :-)
20:41 stockholmhow can i express negative preferencs regarding packages for a class?
20:41 MT_what exactly do you mean by negative preferences?
20:42 stockholmhow can i say "if CLASS is defined, dont install PACKAGE"?
20:42 MT_at least with PACKAGES install
20:42 MT_that does work
20:42 MT_as long as the entries end up in the same list
20:42 MT_(install packages splits a some point)
20:42 MT_just say
20:42 stockholmlike a line PACKAGE- in the CLASS file in package_config ?
20:43 MT_right
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20:43 MT_so
20:43 stockholmMT_: hm?
20:43 MT_package-goes-away-
20:43 MT_if you have some
20:44 MT_PACKAGES install
20:44 MT_package-goes-away
20:44 MT_say the package-goes-away-
20:44 MT_close to the other one
20:45 MT_otherwise you could end up in an install - remove - install loop
20:45 MT_if I'm not mistaken
20:45 MT_once I think about it again, I might well be mistaken
20:45 MT_and you can put it anywhere
20:46 stockholmwhere is that documented?
20:46 MT_that - what?
20:46 MT_removing packages?
20:46 stockholmthat "PACKAGES install THE_CLASS_WHERE_YOU_DONT_WANT_IT" line
20:46 MT_hm!?
20:47 MT_meaning that you can put a classname after the command?
20:47 MT_I'm just not sure what you're unclear about
20:47 stockholmi did not know that was possible
20:48 MT_you get the magic <class_of_the_filename> && THE_OTHER_CLASS
20:49 stockholmhm, do you have a real world example?
20:49 stockholmjust to be sure? :-)
20:49 MT_yes, just a sec
20:50 MT_it's even in the fai-guide
20:50 MT_Software package configuration
20:50 MT_everything's there, including the - thing
20:50 stockholmwow
20:50 stockholmok, i look it up there
20:51 MT_well, for the real world:
20:51 MT_consider my DEFAULT
20:51 MT_PACKAGES install
20:51 MT_acl
20:51 MT_acpid apmd-
20:51 MT_apt-show-versions
20:51 MT_attr
20:51 MT_bash
20:51 MT_bzip2
20:51 MT_PACKAGES install
20:51 MT_acl
20:51 MT_acpid apmd-
20:52 MT_apt-show-versions
20:52 MT_attr
20:52 MT_bash
20:52 MT_bzip2
20:52 MT_PACKAGES install
20:52 MT_acl
20:52 MT_acpid apmd-
20:52 MT_apt-show-versions
20:52 MT_sorry, that was twice
20:52 MT_but that continues ... down to ...
20:52 MT_PACKAGES aptitude mole
20:52 MT_# using e1000-source, there is no need for these
20:52 MT_# linux-image-2.6-amd64/etch-backports
20:52 MT_# linux-headers-2.6-amd64/etch-backports
20:52 MT_mpt-status/etch-backports
20:52 MT_PACKAGES install AMD64
20:52 MT_linux-image-2.6-amd64
20:52 MT_linux-headers-2.6-amd64
20:52 MT_PACKAGES install AMD
20:52 MT_linux-image-2.6-k7
20:52 MT_linux-headers-2.6-k7
20:52 MT_PACKAGES install IA32
20:52 MT_linux-image-2.6-686
20:53 MT_linux-headers-2.6-686
20:53 MT_PACKAGES install GRUB
20:53 MT_grub
20:53 MT_so I'm using the DEFAULT and specify all the specific kernel things
20:53 MT_instead of having a bunch of separate files
20:53 stockholmwhy dont you use aptitiude all the time? then you would not bloat your system if dependencies change
20:54 MT_oh, well, that's right but
20:54 MT_- I was too lazy to change
20:54 stockholm:-)
20:54 stockholmok
20:54 MT_- there is no checking for existing packages with aptitude
20:54 MT_I think it will just fail ... :-(
20:58 mcarvalh<MT_> I just finished submitting that bug report FYI
21:20 mcarvalhhttp://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=477564
21:21 mcarvalhhmm, but if i make that change in /usr/lib/... and then re-make my nfsroot, it doesnt seem to apply in there
21:21 MT_nop
21:22 mcarvalhhow do i get it in there without manually chroot'ing into it and making the change?
21:23 MT_either, build new packages and install them manually
21:23 MT_or make a script to do the patching
21:24 mcarvalhk, i think ill leave that up to the maintainers :)
21:26 MT_so you'd better ping Mrfai tomorrow to get it done soon :-)
21:26 mcarvalhat least i can wedge the fix into my nfsroot to continue my testing
21:44 mcarvalhdoes the kernel name of the PXE boot kernel need to match the name of the kernel within the nfsroot?
21:45 MT_not the name, but the version
21:45 MT_you'll need to have the appropriate modules ready
21:45 mcarvalhfor example, my boot kernel (with unionfs and root_nfs compiled in) is named 2.6.22-fai, but the one in the nfsroot is 2.6.22-3-486...
21:46 mcarvalhand it seems to have a hard time finding modules since it refers to the wrong path now
21:46 MT_ok, yes
21:46 MT_you'll need to get your modules installed into the nfsroot
21:46 mcarvalhahh..do i just add the to /etc/fai/NFSROOT?
21:47 MT_if you have a proper Debian package, which is available via some mirror, yes
21:47 mcarvalhi made the package myself
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21:53 mcarvalhi give up for the evening...thanks for your help today!
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--- Thu Apr 24 2008

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