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12:14 mludi42moin the FAI guide says i need syslinux to make do PXE booting. My fai server is etch on sparc and does not have the syslinux package. how can do I substitute that? The clients will be x86 though.
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12:25 lazyb0ymludi42: hmm, in that cae, you will anyway nee a x86 machine (or vm) to build the nfsroot... you can use that to build the pxelinux stuff, too
12:49 glancemludi42: just download the packages, extract and copy the file
12:49 glancebut for building nfsroot's, you need a x86 machine
12:49 glance( under the process it chroot's to that root to do things )
12:53 mludi42ok thank you
12:54 glancei have a i386 install server that installs amd64 clients
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13:12 mettlerwget
13:12 mettlerzcat boot.img.gz > /dev/sdX  
13:12 mettlersyslinux pack
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15:04 bstrejcekhey, my fai install server is running i386 debian, but I want it to serve amd64 to install clients
15:04 bstrejcekany pointers?
15:04 bstrejcekI think I just need an amd64 nfsroot, but I am not sure if that is enough, and if there is a "fai" way of creating it
15:18 juri_i concur with your beliefs. you should just need a amd64 nfsroot. but uh... on my ia32 box, i build AMD64 FAI CDs by using qemu to host a amd64 box. its slow, but it gets the job done.
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15:57 bstrejcekinteresting idea
15:57 bstrejcekI'm booting via PXE so I don't need CDs
16:05 juri_i prefer CDs so i'm not dependant on a server.
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16:44 lazyb0ybstrejcek: I believe these things are documented in the wiki!
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18:11 bstrejceklazyb0y: I just found
18:11 bstrejcekany other pointers?
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18:25 lazyb0ybstrejcek: no - I never did that myself, I just remembered that...
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19:50 chtphi folks. anyone here has experinces with fai + dm-crypt/luks? does encryption work using fai?
20:30 lazyb0ychtp: I never heard anybody doing it, but 1) with the new setup storage tool you can setup lvm volumes (but you need to read in the wiki how to use it, and install some additional software) and 2) MT, who works on the setup storage wants to integrate that - he surely will be happy for support
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21:14 lazyb0ychtp: and, by the way - fai is extremely modular and pluggable - so you can do just about everything that you can do by typing some commands after a manual install :)
21:15 chtplazyb0y: fai rockz ;-)
21:16 chtpby the way, how can i run a script _after_ installation? i have to change some things like hostname etc.
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21:49 lazyb0ychtp: you should read the fai-guide, really, before asking the next question....
21:50 lazyb0ytoo late...
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--- Sat Apr 5 2008

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